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The DiSC Subtypes

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I use DiSC Personality Inventory to describe four subtypes based on whether you are more secure, more enthusiastic, more conscientious or more decisive as a person. It reflects your general style or attitude to life. Some people are naturally more confident, while other people are more prone to doubting themselves.

The Wanderers – Green (Introverted or Extroverted)

  • Secure and steady in themselves
  • Strong boundaries
  • Sometimes too relaxed

These types have a focus on finding and staying true to who they are. They are focused on making their own path in life and developing their own identity. They are known to be more secure in themselves and are generally easygoing people. You know that life cannot be controlled, and you accept chaos and change as a natural part of life. You prefer to go with the flow and to enjoy the good things in life. You crave good health, relaxation, and pleasure. You often doubt your abilities and skill and so you prefer to let other people lead. You need to develop more trust in your own abilities and power and stop looking to other people to make decisions for you.

Subtypes: The Hermit & The Loyalist & The Explorer

The Observers – Yellow (iNtuitive or Sensing)

  • High energy and motivation
  • Active and bubbly energy
  • Slightly restless

If you are yellow, you are a person with a more vibrant energy or enthusiasm. You feel full of information and ideas. You are often creatively inclined. You have a lot of thoughts that you are often sharing on social media or in real life. This typically makes you a known influencer. You need to always have something to do. You can sometimes rush through details and forget to think critically about something. You are so eager to take action you may make mistakes that could have been avoided. You can fail to recognise the consequences of your actions.

Subtypes: The Everyperson & The Lover & The Reformer

The Discerners – Blue (Feeling, Discerning or Thinking)

  • Highly conscientious
  • Strong sense of right and wrong
  • Can seem rigid

You have strong values and beliefs that you value highly. You pride yourself on being able to tell what is right from what is wrong. You try to be a positive influence in the world and to make the world a better place for yourself and other people. You can be slightly scared of making a mistake or doing something wrong. You can also be afraid to jump on new possibilities and opportunities that come along. If you don't know what the right thing to do is, you can become passive.

Subtypes: The Helper & The Performer & The Sage

The Deciders – Red (Judging or Perceiving)

  • Assertive about what they want
  • Highly confident
  • Struggle with boundaries

You are highly confident in yourself and in your abilities, and you have a thirst to discover and experience the world in full. You are a natural leader or a rebel who makes your own way no matter what anyone else will think about it. You are resistant to authority and will question what you think is wrong. You can be slightly insecure and you can fear that other people will question you or judge you for who you are.

Subtypes: The Ruler & The Mediator & The Individualist

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