DiSC Four Personality Types

DiSC describes four general methods we use to reach and maintain flow in our lives.

Dominance (Red)

Passionate, goal-oriented, successful

Steadiness (Green)

Secure, comfort-seeking,

Influence (Yellow)

Prideful, popular, and interesting

Competence (Blue)

Knowledgeable, conscientious, resourceful

DiSCs Four Flow Strategies

In DiSC, people are separated to one of four personality types. While Red types are known to build up flow quickly and to maintain flow and energy for a long time, blue types are known to take a long time to warm up to something, and to lose their interest quickly.

Contrastingly, green types are also hard to sway or motivate, but they can maintain their interest in something for a longer time. Yellow types, finally, are people that are quick to take an interest in a new idea, but equally quick to lose it if something more interesting comes along. In this way, the four types can be described by their different strategies and means to maintain flow.

The red type by making up their mind quickly and by pushing and working hard to succeed, no matter how long it takes. The Blue Type by staying patient and open-minded and weighing all their options to pick the most rationally feasible strategy.

The Yellow type by quickly jumping between and multi-tasking different projects and ideas and keeping a steady stream of new ideas going. The Green type by showing patience and caution.

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