Discipline (SJ)

Discipline and the ability to control your behaviour and to organise a situation, is one of the sixteen cognitive functions. A person who shows strong discipline can take on the qualities of a Host.


A host is someone that can arrange or manage a situation. You can use sensing and judging to experience your surroundings and see how to arrange a situation ahead of time. Managing schedules, time, and organisation. 


The Host


Sensing Judging (SJ) gives you the ability to show restraint and self-control


Sensing and judging types get a positive kick from using and showing discipline whenever possible. Only XSXJs feel thrill when following a schedule or organising something.

General descriptions

Discipline is important to sensing and judging personality types (SJ) such as the ISTJ, ESTJ, ISFJ and ESFJ. These types get more energy and stimulation from being able to discipline and control themselves, by maintaining a day to day routine, keeping an organised and tidy environment, and maintaining a calendar and traditions. 

Organisation puts an XSXJ in a positive state. Disorganisation puts an XNXP in a negative state. Sensing and Judging types are programmed to respond well to order and self-discipline, but don’t respond badly to disorder or lack of discipline. Instead, the bigger issue for an XSXJ type is change, and change can be a rattling experience to the Hosts. 

Hosts are inclined to be pessimistic about change and to assume the worst will happen, and can sometimes be prone to negative what-ifs and to identifying reasons why an idea will fail or why a change won’t work the way you intended. Sensing and judging can give you the ability to put order and structure where there currently is none, and can help you manage all kinds of situations ahead of time. It can help you prepare and it can give you a degree of control over situations that people normally miss. Knowing this, you can prepare and think of what you need to accomplish a task or to deal with an event.