ENFP Cognitive Functions

The ENFP Cognitive Functions

The ENFP Cognitive Functions used when the ENFP is healthy and balanced are:

  • Extroverted iNtuition (Ne) and the project of transforming your environment and realising opportunities, solving puzzles, giving you energy.
  • Extroverted Feeling (Fe) and the project of being moral and doing the right thing and being a good, decent human being, gives you fulfilment.
  • Feeling Perceiving (Fp) and the goal of showing character and being honest and authentic gives satisfaction.
  • iNtuitive Perceiving (Np) and the work towards variation and change gives lust and joy.

So when the ENFP has all of these, they feel flow, when they only have one or two of these, they may feel satisfied in one dimension, but upset or anxious in another.

The ENFP Cognitive Functions

When an ENFP learns to develop one of these functions in favor of the other, the ENFP starts falling into one of the below subtypes. The ENFP observer puts the project of realising opportunity and solving mysteries above ethical considerations, while the ENFP reviewer puts moral concerns above new possibilities, and the chance of novelty and change.

ENFP Extroverted iNtuition

The ENFP Detective, who always knows what is going on and who always sees everything before anyone else. Nothing escapes the ENFP-Detective, who can read clues like Winnie the pooh can read honey. Extroverted Thinking helps the ENFP stay rational in this, because ENfps want to make sure they do not get fooled or misled in any way.

Extroverted thinking is one of the strongest decider functions in the ENfp. This is because it helps them keep an open eye. They plan and they look for a strategy or a plan to follow. They try to stick to the rules when possible and have a tendency to second guess their own judgement. They may want something or may feel something is right inside but fear their judgement may be wrong, dismissing the idea of false hope.

ENFP Feeling Perceiving

The ENFP Reporter, strongly authentic and with a radiant personality. Strongly ethical and with a committment to truth, the isFP is someone who uses feeling and perceiving to get the truth out and to share it with other people. They have big hopes and dreams and aspirations.

They feel and dream strongly, but like to stay practical and realistic. They do not know how to realize the strong dreams they have and have a tendency to be conservative and to think practically about things, focusing on things they can do in the moment to protect their beliefs. They tend to stick to what they know or feel and have a tendency to reject things based on how they appear to be.

ENFP iNtuitive Perceiving

The ENFP Catalyst always sees chances and alternatives, helping them always navigate and keep moving forward. There are always multiple balls to juggle in the air. Introverted iNtuition acts as an inspiration here: the ENFP Catalyst loves the chance to learn about differ

ent theories. There is an eagerness to test and to prove and see how it works. Could this be right? The ENFP Catalyst is highly curious, but uses thinking and perceiving to weigh different optional interpretations. They prospect and evaluate information carefully and see which option or answer is the best. This is to ensure they do not get cheated or miss out on a possibility.

Normally, feeling and perceiving would be favored by an ENFP, but the ENFP catalyst does not always trust their own feeling about a situation, and feels they need more evidence to be sure. Introverted thinking finally, acts as a grounding function. The ENFP actor keeps trying to rationalize what they are doing. They can sometimes behave in-authentically, against how they really feel about a situation.

The ENFP Extroverted Feeling

The ENFP Democrat, big hearted and passionate. They have strong values and something they care deeply about. The ENFP Activist can feel forced to follow social norms and expectations they feel are on them. They feel burdened and pushed to do what they are told by others.

There is a tendency to use nature to ground yourself here. Where ENFPs usually prefer opportunity or chances to transform a situation, ENFP-Activists tend to want to focus on how reality is right now. There is a belief that “Life is the way life is.” and the ENFP-Activist feels they can’t change anything or do things differently. This can cause the ENFP to feel stuck or locked in.

ENFP Development

Ideally, you want to look at and think about what you have in your life right now, and what you are missing. Your genuine moral concerns as an ENFP should not cause you to feel stuck or locked in, as an ENFP needs to feel free. The honesty and commitment to truth in an ENFP should not stand in the way of pursuing alternative understanding and seeing other sides of the picture. ENFP Development is ENFP balance and resolving internal conflict.