ENFP Personality Type ‘The Dreamer’

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The Dreamer in Flow

ENFPs find and seek their identity in potential. Potential connections, friendships, projects, journeys, adventures… Finding and seizing opportunities is key to this personality type, who hates missing out. The ENFPs are generally always in movement, thinking of ways to reach their goals.

Reality to them, is just a bouncing block, a tool you can use to come up with new ideas. They study the way the world works, and then they think of ways it could be different. Trying to transform and change things around them, they can rebel against convention and prefer to go against the flow.

The ENFP is an individualist and someone that will be less motivated to do something if they are forced to do it. You seek freedom and the right for creative self-expression, to be able to be fully yourself. Deep down, you need something more than that though. You need to feel completely self-reliant, and to be able to use your unstoppable will to get what you want. To find something consistent and reliable in the day to day chaos you experience.

The ENFPs Cognitive Functions

ENFP Cognitive Functions

The flow functions and the stress functions represent our primary identity and how we see ourselves. An ENFP on a good day may describe themselves as initiative rich, creative, free-spirited and authentic. But on a bad day, when under stress, they may come off as cold, reserved and bossy.

ENFP Cognitive Functions

ENFP Extroverted iNtuition Flow Function

Extroverted iNtuition is a cognitive function in ENFPs that lends to an optimism and confidence in your own ability to realise your opportunities and possibilities. You are future oriented and curious about patterns and possibilities in front of you. You want to see where things are going and always tend to expect the best.

ENFP Introverted Feeling Inspirational Function

You are very passionate about being yourself and always try to be honest and real in who you are and what you feel. You take pride in being unashamedly yourself and being real in your feelings. You push yourself to be authentic but sometimes feel that you cannot be real in this world and that you have to compromise to get by. Other times, you feel misunderstood or disrespected for who you are.

ENFP Extroverted Thinking Control Function

ENFPs are people that will push forward and be confident about goals and to be successful at work. You are a person who tends to relax and clear your head by having work to do. You prefer to keep busy and to have something to do because it helps you relax. ENFPs can feel immense stress as they put themselves out there and speak out for their feelings, yet feel misunderstood by the people around them. Keeping things cool and staying objective can help mitigate that stress, but can also cause you to appear cold.

ENFP Introverted Sensing Stress Function

You are a person who can often find yourself stressed by the past. You can find yourself worrying that you are moving in circles or that you are stuck or not able to get anywhere. At the same time, you are a person that wants to have some healthy routine in life. You want to have a comfortable home and a place where you can feel safe. You are highly motivated to make this place happen. You try to build something for yourself, but you want to make sure that you get everything right.

Famous ENFPs

Here are a list of famous ENFPs. Find more ENFPs and famous people in my celebrity library.

Eoin ColferENFP
Mark “Markiplier” FischbachENFP
Tatiana MaslanyENFP
Regina SpektorENFP
Amy AdamsENFP
Jostein GaardnerENFP
Sean McLoughlinENTP
Che GuevaraENFP
Hayao MiyazakiENFP
Robin WilliamsENFP
Lorelei GilmoreENFP
Dakota FanningENFP
Elle FanningENFP
Ted MosbyENFP
Camilla ThurlowENFP


  1. Ashley

    Yay!! I’ve taken personality tests before and always get ENFP-T. This time I got ENFP-A 🤗 (Ive been working on that for a while now.)
    Your test and info brings something new to the table. I learned new things today that I couldn’t quite put into words about my type nor have I read about my type before. I appreciate your work! You’ve definitely done your research and the aesthetix is BOMB!

  2. Denise

    This was a little odd for me… I usually have gotten INFJ or INTJ on other tests. I did feel
    some of the last questions focused on life satisfaction to which if someone is currently depressed or not feeling happy in their life at the time it could potentially skew typing personality objectively… almost as if the questions were assessing depression.

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