The Hero

The Healer

The Seeker

The Giver

The Ruler

Hero, power, powerlessness, enneagram 10, hero archetype

The hero or adventurer believes in being strong and capable and using their strength for good. They are positive and good natured, but sometimes reckless.  






The Hero, The Adventurer, The Coward

To be powerless

Capable of many things.

Yellow Director

Aggressive – Positive

The Hero, The Adventurer, The Coward

The hero wants to be capable of anything, to be able to handle any challenge and to be able to solve any problem. Wielding their judging or perceiving, they seek influence and power and want to use this power in the service of others. As yellow types, they see and notice the people around them, what they think, and what they are going through. Yellow types carry a sense of naivety with them, they believe the best in everyone and then some. 

They have a worldly awareness and a service oriented mindset to boot. The perspective is: How can I be of service and what can I do for the people around me? Using their strong decisiveness, they are driven to do anything anyone asks for, to be able to handle any request. They jump to the opportunity to help and get energy and passion out of the chance to help other people. 

The hero’s dark side is the coward, ready to give up, feeling weak and powerless, and like they can’t meet their challenge anymore. In these moments, they may let people down, but for the most, they are brave and valiant, strong personalities with plenty of willpower, and then some. Sometimes these types are too aggressive, too forward, to the point of appearing reckless. Their positive thinking may inspire some and annoy others. 

Enneagram 10

Sharing the good natured judgement of Enneagram 9, The Utopian, and the aggressive and proactive drive of the Enneagram 1 Reformer, the Hero is one of the gut types, associated with decisiveness and determination, goals, and strong desires. The hero tends to believe they have a mission or a quest and that they are meant for something “higher.”