The Giver (Enneagram 2)

Enneagram 4

Enneagram 2s primarily judge themselves based on what they do for other people, or for what they are unable to do for others. They pride themselves on being able to help and support other people, and feel ashamed for the people they can’t help or support.

Enneagram 2 – The Giver

Enneagram 2 is most closely associated with Feeling Judging. When you are a dominant Feeling Judging type, you may naturally embody all these traits and express them with passion. When you are a more conscientious, stressed Thinking Perceiving type, these traits can manifest more negatively, as a fear of being selfish or of hurting others.

Any personality type in the MBTI can have the mindset of Enneagram 2. Commonly, these types have been nurtured since young into believing their self-worth comes from what they do for other people. There can be a fear in this type that, if I don’t do anything for other people, I become worthless. This can cause the type to smother other people with kindness, overwhelming other people with their need to always give to others.

The Enneagram 2 type is known to be overbearing and to make others needs and interests their own. They may sometimes push other people into the life they want for themselves, when they should instead try to explore these interests on their own.

Enneagram 2 At Their Best And Worst

Enneagram 2s experience a disintegration and become increasingly unhealthy when they deny their own personal interests. This type can find themselves constantly denying themselves personal needs. They may not allow themselves to do or explore fun things unless other people benefit from it.

This can cause the type to act increasingly like a martyr. The type may also be extremely harsh towards themselves. While they act nice and kind on the outside, inside, they may be extremely critical and demeaning. They may judge themselves harshly on their behaviour.

At their best, though, they move increasingly towards taking pride in the success and joy of the group and the people around them. They feel valuable and know they are important to other people. Beyond that, they know they must also take care of themselves, in order to better help others. By giving yourself time to yourself, or practising self-care, you can give to others with more authenticity. Practice allowing yourself to do things for yourself, and learn that it is okay to mind your own interests sometimes.