The Individualist (Enneagram 4)

You are a true individualist and a person who needs plenty of freedom and space to feel happy. You will normally speak out for yourself and defend yourself and your beliefs from the outer world. It is important for you to prove your unique value to society and to create a place for yourself where you are respected for your contributions.

Rarely, if ever, happy with themselves, the Four type seeks to improve themselves in any way they can. Often, the 4 will feel like a disappointment to others around them. “I cannot fit in, I can’t be the person other people want me to be. I feel like an outsider. There must be something wrong with me.”

The Enneagram 4 Personality Type Description

The Enneagram 4 is on a quest towards self-love. They struggle to fit in with the tribe around them as a whole. At times they will feel bad about their own failures to connect with others. Other times, they will feel resentful towards other people for failing to connect with them. More importantly, this feeling has often caused them to develop a strong identity and a feeling of being different or unique in the world. When healthy, this type can be a rebel, a trendsetter, and someone who teaches people the value of self-love.

The 4 wants to be seen and appreciated for who they are and wants to know that people will not judge them. Perhaps, growing up, they had parents who always looked down on every decision they made. They were constantly told to change things about themselves. Perhaps they were criticised for their appearance. You may at times feel as if a dark looming cloud of neggative thoughts are hanging over your head.

As a 4, you may be sceptical or negative towards people around you. They are constantly working on themselves and when they feel that other people don’t put in the same work, they become very disappointed and sometimes resentful towards others. Identity and who you are is the most important thing for this type.

The Type 4 personality type would rather drink cyanide than hang out with somebody inauthentic, dishonest or someone who refused to own up to who they are. When unhealthy, this type can struggle with self-hate or negative judgement and prejudice towards other people. But at their best, they are people that dare to be different and love their odd quirks and differences.

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Raging Lilith
4 months ago

I got 4 yet I always test as 8. Not sure what to think.

7 months ago

100% thanks for this awesome test!

7 months ago

Yes, describes right I believe

Gloria malazarte
Gloria malazarte
7 months ago

Wow ! Exactly as it describes my personality,thank you so much erik for creating this personality type description,your such a genius you hit my innermost core……Be Blessed my friend!???‍♀️