Enneagram 6 – The Loyalist

Enneagram 7 – The Explorer

Enneagram 6 Short Description

What can be said about the Enneagram 6? Typically, we see these types as reliable, dependable, and stable types. These types take the most comfort in familiarity, habit, and routine. They first focus on having consistency around them. Enneagram 6s try to be loyal and to meet expectations on them, to follow through on what they have said they will do or what is expected of their role.

Nickname: The Loyalist, The Traditionalist, The Friend

Centre: Head type

Mindset: Traditional

Positive Drive: Trust

Negative Drive: DistrustT

Big 5: Low Openness, Low Outgoingness

Enneagram 6 – The Loyalist

Reliable and accountable, the friend wants to hold their own and to meet their end of the bargain. It is important for the friend to honour commitment, and that other people deliver what they have promised. The Enneagram 6 type seeks order and things that will last and hold for the future. Still, the Enneagram 6 can wrestle with distrust and uncertainty. 

Will people come through? Is everything going to hold up? It is important for the six to think about a situation carefully. There needs to be a back-up plan, and weak points need to be reinforced. So the Enneagram 6 is characterised by principled perception. Fact-checking, and using rules and structure to back up their arguments, the Friend is an archetype associated with order and cohesion. This is a loyal type. 

The fear is that society will collapse, that the group will fall apart, and so the Friend has a loyal temperament. They look at what they can do to prevent this and to maintain positive order around them. In this, the Enneagram 6 naturally strikes itself out as a green type. And they will be where they said, at the time they said. You will find that they will do their best to have your back, even if they are upset or stressed by something.