Enneagram 9 – The Peacemaker

You are harmony oriented and steady. You work hard to maintain peace and balance in yourself and in your circles. You want for everyone to get along and you need a daily dose of quiet and relaxation to feel happy. You keep yourself busy with positive thoughts or actions that contribute to your health and well being. 

“I feel like I’m meant to do something important, but I have no idea what. I wonder if I will ever stop doubting and going back and forth? Will I ever find a goal I can stick to?”

The Enneagram 9 ‘Peacemaker’ Personality often struggles with an ambivalence and uncertainty in regards to goals and dreams.

The Type 9 Personality Short Description

The Enneagram 9 types will often express positivity and a desire to want to “do everything” and “be everywhere” at once. This can cause them to neglect or delay projects indefinitely. It can appear as if they never follow through on anything they say. But do not be fooled, success is very important to this type, and they often have many goals and projects.

The Enneagram 9 type will struggle when there is too much pressure and never feel secure in that they are doing or contributing enough. When unhealthy, they will keep on piling extra duties on their plate. Over time, all the unfinished projects will translate to a feeling of being a disappointment to others or themselves.

Enneagram 9 ‘The Peacemaker’

Nicknames: The Peacemaker, The Mediator
Mindset: ‘I never felt like I was enough for others. Growing up, I often felt like I was just in the way of other people. But I want to be enough, and I don’t want to be in the way.”
Negative drives: Saying yes to everyone around them, spreading themselves too thin
Positive drives: Working together with others, resolving conflicts, creating ‘win-win’ situations

At times, the Enneagram9 can be that they say ‘yes’ simply because they want to avoid conflict or opposition. Other times, it can be that they have a genuine desire to agree with and be on the same team as other people. They may feel that they want to be able to meet the expectations other people have for them, and fail to recognise that you sometimes have to let others down. It is said that this is a type that truly struggles with conflict.

They also tend to find it hard to voice their needs. Their focus is constantly on living up to the expectations of other people. They rarely if ever take the time to think about what they need from others. Failing to do so can lead to a general feeling of unhappiness. You find yourself working harder and harder to make the people around you happy, yet you feel less and less happy yourself. Small issues you have with others are pushed aside. You don’t have the time to have conflicts with other people. Your hope is that if you will meet other people’s needs, other people will adjust and give you space to express yours.

Sometimes, the Enneagram 9 type is described as ‘lazy’ or ‘passive’. They can talk about doing things forever, without taking any action at all. But they can also be incredibly busy as they spread themselves too thin. They can find themselves juggling multiple balls in the air at once, and many of their projects will unavoidably drop to the floor. A struggle to prioritise is common in this type. But when healthy, they are people that tend to share in success and leave a trail of many accomplishments behind them.

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