Enneagram 9 – The Peacemaker

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Enneagram 9 – The Peacemaker

What we can learn from people with this mindset is they have a strong attachment to peace and harmony. They want other people to be content with them and don’t want to cause conflict or tension around them. This can make them passive and too compromising. At other times, these types can be perceived as peaceful and reassuring. We see them as careful and agreeable.

Enneagram 9 in short

Nicknames: The Peacemaker, The Mediator
Mindset: “Peace can only be found on the inside.”
Negative drives: Conflictedness
Positive drives: Acceptance

Enneagram 9 is connected in some way to the Jungian function Introverted Feeling. That tends to make 9s introspective and focused on their personal journey to peace and inner acceptance and value.

Enneagram 9 At Their Best And Worst

When studying the Enneagram 9 you will notice that many of them were raised to believe that conflict was something bad. A dramatic or unfriendly environment was seen as something to be avoided. It was better to let go and forgive and to ignore the anger you might feel.

The Enneagram 9 type was often seen as accepting and accommodating, but underneath the surface, many E9s struggle with withheld anger and frustration with others. To cope with this, many E9s pursue spiritual practices, meditation, and calming techniques to manage better. The positive drive of this type is to find acceptance, and the negative is to feel conflicted. To not know what to do on a matter, and to not know how to move forward.

At worst, their fear of causing conflict could cause them to become passive and lethargic. To avoid upsetting other people by making the wrong decision, many enneagram nine types would refrain from any action at all. This can drive a negative spiral in which they become increasingly passive and avoidant, while feeling more and more conflicted on what to do and what you want.

Sometimes, the nine may assume that they have no needs or wants after all. Convincing themselves they can simply deny themselves their needs in order to keep everyone happy, they literally shrink their body posture and make themselves invisible and small around others.

More positively, this type can create and bring peace and harmony around them. They can help other people get along better with one another and can spread a feeling of mutual understanding. They can communicate their own and others needs effectively, and can make sure everyone has what they want, or some healthy degree of compromise.

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