Enneagram 9
The Mediator

Discover the Enneagram 9 wing 8 “Advisor” and Enneagram 9 wing 1 “Negotiator”

Enneagram 9 Self-Preservation

The Healer

Enneagram 9 Social

The Friend

Enneagram 9 sexual

The Innocent

Discover Enneagram 9, Enneagram 9 wing 1 and Enneagram 9 wing 8 in this video.

The Enneagram 9 Type Description

Nines are the most nonjudgemental of all types. They practice acceptance and forgiveness. Often, their goal is to be understood through making other people feel understood. You may struggle with anger, more specifically, you tend to project anger in other people.

When the Nine is under stress, they tend to feel as if they are in a state of conflict. Other people are upset with you and you have done something wrong. But you often don’t know what. This can be a reflection of early childhood. You may be recalling times your parents were upset. The nine may have come to believe that anger in others is the fault of themselves.

As a Nine, you may see yourself as everyone’s friend. People say they can open up to and confide in you. You keep secrets and listen with tolerance. On the other hand, the nine can struggle to speak frankly.

You may talk around a topic and struggle to go into specifics. By keeping a subject abstract, you can avoid criticism and conflict. The type nine values harmony and is often a skilled conflict solver. You are good at finding win-win solutions and thinking of ways to build bridges. 

Quick facts about Type Nine

Gut Type

Like the 8 and 1, the Enneagram 9 type makes decisions based on their gut instinct. The eight and one both symbolise strong judgement. But the Nine symbolises non-judgement. 


Like enneagram 8 and 4, the Enneagram 9 is most focused on decision making. The Enneagram 9 has a basic tendency to go back and forth on goals and decisions and to spread themselves thin.

Type Nine Growth & Stress directions

During growth, the Enneagram 9 moves in the direction of Enneagram 3. This means becoming more proactive and driven.

During stress, the Enneagram 9 moves towards Enneagram 6. This means becoming more confused and distracted.

Discover The Nine Wings & Instincts


Enneagram 9 wing 8

The Enneagram 9 wing 8 is often known as an advisor. You make other people feel comfortable and spread an atmosphere of calm around you. People often confide in you. Just make sure you are also able to open up to other people. You are often the quiet at the eye of the storm. No matter what happens, you will seek to maintain an aura of inner peace. 


Enneagram 9 wing 1

Enneagram 9 wing 1 types often take the role of Negotiators. You seek to live in harmony and balance with the world around you. You try to find mutually beneficial agreements. Just make sure you don’t compromise on anything essential. Think about what you can compromise on and what you can’t. 



The Instincts

Enneagram 9 Social

The social 9 takes a more practical approach to peace and harmony, seeking it in family, community and in the home. You want to be liked by everyone. At times, this means hiding or covering up anything about yourself that others may dislike. You can be accused of never taking a strong stand on anything and being too diplomatic.

Enneagram 9 Sexual

The sexual 9 is often described as a chameleon. You may adjust your personality to whatever the person next to you wants you to be. This means changing your interests and values around to fit with other people. In order to stay healthy, and to have consistent relationships, you may need to be real with others.

Enneagram 9 Self-preservation

The self-preserving 9 often takes a quiet role in groups. You avoid drawing attention to yourself as a method to maintain peace in your life. However, by not speaking out on important matters, you may avoid recurring conflicts. These conflicts may come back in increasing intensity. 

Enneagram 9 at work

The Nine likes to impress. You want your superiors and coworkers to like you and so you do your best to meet the expectations of others. In your thirst for approval, you can overwork yourself or bite off more than you can chew. 

Enneagram 9 Health

The primary danger to health and well-being for the type nine is that the type nine often struggles to listen to and honour their own inner voice. Take time to listen to your heart and to stay in touch with your needs on a daily basis. Listen just as much to yourself as you listen to other people.

Enneagram 9 relationships

In relationships, the type Nine seeks harmony and comfort together with those they care about. But sometimes, you need to voice criticism and be honest about problems you see in the relationship. Seek honesty alongside harmony and find constructive solutions to problems and conflicts as they emerge.  

Enneagram 9 Lifestyle

Type Nines tend to have a varied and diverse lifestyle. Enneagram 9 types are often jack-of-all-trades with varied and diverse interests. If other people are interested in something, you will often become interested in it too.