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Enneagram 1 – The Reformer

The Rebel (Enneagram 1)

The Rebel is a decisive and emotional archetype, associated with the desire to fix and to improve their well-being.


The Reformer, The Rebel, The Bystander


Resolving their emotions by improving their situation






Encouraging, Critical


Emotional (Red)



The Rebel (Enneagram 1)

Rebels are stubborn, emotional and decisive types. They show strong resolve and have strong emotional motivations. Their focus is to improve their situation by working to change and to improve things in themselves and others. They are conscientious and work hard to make a difference. 

Their focus is on fixing and making better: they see the flaws and issues of life, which makes them appear critical, but they also see how things can become better, making them appear encouraging. They are at their heart reformation oriented types, believing things can improve and that things can be changed. As red types, they have strong emotional needs. 

They want to make the world a better place and struggle with how to express their feelings about society. They can appear radical and aggressive at times, and they can seem to demand too much. But for the most, they are reformer types, bringing about positive change and providing a source of encouragement to the world.

The Fixer Mindset

The Fixer is the person that will often take care of the fulfilment of the goals. Their key powers are in controlling their own emotions and showing strong emotional judgement. Seeing how to reach the goals they want, they restrain themselves. 

The fixer believes that if you work hard, you will be able to fix the situation, and to make things better. Change is possible, if we all work hard for it. The fixer is however sometimes a bit obsessive in this tendency, and can push themselves too hard for the sake of their goals. Beyond that, they are known to set really high demands for themselves or other people. And there is a chance here of becoming too critical and always trying to fix everyone and everything. 

In this, you may risk making other people feel like problems. People sometimes make the misconception that the rebel is always against them. That the rebel is never happy. That there is always an issue with everything. But the rebel is really just trying to help. This just shows they are emotionally invested in you and what you do. Translation: They care.

The stubborn type

If anything else, the reformers are known for their stubbornness. They are emotionally invested in their own ideas and values and want people to take their judgement seriously. They hate having their opinions discarded. When they bring advice and suggestions for improvements, it can feel difficult to be silenced or ignored. 

Being stubborn, Rebels will generally push themselves hard to achieve what they want, and will show an unwavering quality. Their strong resolve is really easy to appreciate. You can count on the rebel and that they will not give up easily. Even when they have the odds against them. 

The rebels can even be spurred on by knowing that they are the only people who can do something. In general, the enneagram 1 has a tendency to associate their own emotional well being with their ability to fix a situation. To give up on trying to change something is to give up on your own emotional goals. Not an easy choice.


Encouraging and critical spirals

While being known for being critical, rebels are also a constant source of positive encouragement. When you feel that change is impossible, the rebel shows you that it is possible. When you feel that you can't do it, they will show you a way to do it. Sure, they may not mince words, when they are unhappy, they are unhappy. But healthy rebels are able to let go of certain battles as long as they feel the war is turning in your favour. 

Being a genuinely encouraging type, the rebel takes on the quality of a reformer. The Enneagram 1 is an archetype that uses decisiveness to provide emotional reassurance and to better their own lives. They believe that by making the right decisions, by dealing with problems, by fixing flaws, we can become happier and we can feel better about our lives. 

A reminder for anyone who is dealing with the enneagram 1: let them know that you are trying, and that you see the issues they see. If they know you are on the same side, they will offer an endless supply of encouragement to help you succeed. Avoid the issue however, and you will only see their critical side.

The Reformer Gone Bad

Level 1 (At their best): Can be more patient and forgiving of mistakes, giving other people chances to correct wrongs. See constructive ways to convince other people of what they want and understand people even if they disagree with them.

Level 3 (Normal): This article is written from the perspective of what is normal or usual in a person. 

Level 5 (At their worst): Make enemies of people and become overly antagonistic. Reinforce themselves as rebels by putting themselves in an outsider position, form an overly black-and-white view of the world. Sabotage their own proposals.

Your health level does not necessarily say anything about you, but more about your situation and where you are right now. 

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