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Enneagram 4 – The Individualist (4 wing 2) & (4 wing 3)

The Creator (Enneagram 4)

When you are a Creator, you feel a creative, instinctual urge to make something out of your artistic or inventive abilities. To develop something alone or together with other people. 

To make something of excellent quality, shaped by high and tireless work and dedication. Yes, this is a type characterised by perfectionism.

With your crafting-oriented mindset, you always want to do your best and to create things that live up to your values. When you let your instincts drive you, you can possess extremely high prolific potential, and self-realised creators are always working on something. What fuels you? Maybe the radical red values of chaos and activity. 

Your room may look like a mess, but it takes chaos to give birth to a dancing star. At the same time, you show a perfectionism and a desire to perfect. Within this chaos, you are carefully wielding your hammer or pencil, thinking conscientiously about how to put things right and to improve on your work. Essentially, you are looking to feel inspiration and satisfaction with what you do.


The Creator, The Builder, The Consumer


Enneagram 4


To make something of excellent value and quality





Inspiration / Block


Red (Aggressive, Chaotic)


Reviewer (Values based & Instinctive)

The Creative Mindset

Crafter mindsets are associated with a desire to make and to be productive. They want to wield their feeling or thinking to make and to express themselves and to show other people what they are capable of. Rather than put their skills to practice to become successful or skilled in a task or to help other people, they are at their best when they are engaging in their creative process. 

Being creative in this context goes beyond just having ideas and seeing things you could make, it is a drive that pushes you forward with invisible force telling you to execute your ideas and to shape them into something of higher quality and value. 

Focused on making and developing and producing, these types feel bad when they can not make something. They may in these situations feel like they are not living up to their true potential. When engaging in their favourite activity and coming up with new things, they feel a strong sense of purpose. Creators take great meaning from what they make believing it is an extension of them and their values and sense of self. 


It is important to the Creator to feel that, not only, do they have room to create and to work on new things, but also that they can create things that reflect their values and what they think is right. Perfectionism is a common struggle for the creator – they want to make, but what they make is never good enough. 

This is what makes this type rather meticulous: when engaging in the creative process, they can be extremely conscientious, spending many minutes on their work. Working hard to make it of excellent quality, they feel that failures and flaws in their work is a reflection of flaws and failures in themselves. 

They pursue inspiration. When unhealthy, they feel dissatisfied with almost everything. Nothing lives up to what they expect of themselves. What pulls the Creator towards the Consumer is when they lose confidence in their own work and ability to create.  Should they become so dissatisfied with their own work, they will shut down their creative drive and instead passively consuming and enjoying the work of other people. 

The Enneagram 4 is however, in this, associated with envy, they admire and appreciate the ideas and works of other people, and wish they had the talents to make something of equal or higher value. They feel jealous that other can, while they feel they can not. Soon, this feeling should remind them to get back to work, to keep trying. No matter what, there is no way to turn off your creativity. Let yourself be inspired by the works of others rather than envious of it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel good about what you do, but don't let your perfectionism cloud your judgement: you are on the right path. 


The Pursuit Of Inspiration

What you are essentially looking for as an Enneagram 4 is inspiration and the ability to feel good about your own work. To know that you have not only made something, you have made something good, something to be proud of. This feeling can not come from other people, but has to be found within. While there is always room for improvement, every idea, everything you make, is a platform to the next thing. 

Never fear that you will run out of creativity – if you pull your creativity from within yourself, it will be an infinite source. The worst experience for this type is to feel blocked or stuck. No ideas are coming – you feel empty – you don't know how to do something. Creative blocks will happen – in these situations – just give yourself a change of pace, new stimulation, and things that can help rewire your brain. Consider also that you may be setting too many creative obstacles for yourself. You have to do X, but it cant be Y, and it cant be Z either… Sound familiar? Try to make it easier and try to encourage yourself more.

If you recognise what environments and situations and what values are necessary for you to feel flow, you can rewire your creative process. Taking control of your own work and your own success, make things that you love, things that align your values. Do not make things for other people, and do not make it in a way other people ask you for. Let them know what you need to be creative and focus on your own ideas, rather than the ideas of other people. Can you encourage this within yourself, you will achieve greater inspiration.

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