ENNEAGRAM 5 I THE INFORMATION SEEKER. The most iNtuitive of all the Enneagrams, you are on a quest to learn and better understand the world. But your thirst for information can keep you from setting goals and making important decisions in your life. The Enneagram 5 is always looking for the missing puzzle piece. The one piece of information that will bring them clarity. This can lead to overthinking, and the Five is known to stall on important decisions and to spend too long asking questions and troubleshooting an issue. The key emotion in the type Five is anxiety and the Five manages anxiety by withdrawing from problems.

If I would describe the Five in one word it would be "Detached". The Five spends much time in a world of their own, often avoiding reality. In relationships, the Five is known to linger on what-ifs. People tend to perceive the Five as detached, aloof, and sometimes sheltered because they have little real life experience. Fives often know a lot about a subject, but they prefer to study it from a distance. As a Five, you may think that you will participate or take action later, but that you first need to study and plan ahead.

However, this mindset can cause you to miss out on positive opportunities. There are times when you need to make quick decisions. Recognise that, while learning is healthy, it is not healthy to let anxiety keep you from living and participating more actively in life. Notice when it is anxiety, and not curiosity that is driving your decisions. Let yourself enjoy the process of learning, figuring out mysteries, and understanding the unknown.

The Enneagram 5 Wing 4

The Enneagram 5 wing 4 has, perhaps because of their detached nature, come to develop an eccentric and unusual personality. You enjoy the strange and the bizarre and you reject conventional truths and insights. Your goal is to seek original, new understanding of life and living. Where the Five is rooted in anxiety, the Four may also bring up some shame or a feeling of being an outsider or being different.

You feel that other people don't understand or think about things the way you do, and that can cause you to feel isolated from other people. As a 5w4, you may feel that other people are angry or upset with you because you refuse to accept conventions. Recognise that sometimes, it can also be that you are projecting your own anger at being an outsider towards the world.

It may be that your goal is to explore new truths and to help people discover new perspectives. But accept that conventional truths also have a purpose for people, and try to make a peace with that other people will not always see things the way you do. As long as your ideas have a value to yourself, that should be enough for you. Convincing other people is just a bonus.

The Enneagram 5 Wing 6

The Enneagram 5 wing 6, or the double-anxiety type, is one that seeks to understand the world mainly as a means of becoming more comfortable. The goal of the Enneagram 5 wing 6 is to find a way to fit in and belong in the world through understanding it fully. You don't want to be taken by surprise and seek certainty and answers in relationships, life and work.

If you feel that it is hard to fit in in a group, you often try to fit in by demonstrating competence and knowledge. Your hope is that by providing value and insight to the group, you will be more accepted by other people. This may have the wrong effect, however, and some may perceive you as a know-it-all. Still, there are lots of people who respect and admire you for always being one step ahead. Just learn to accept that not everyone will approach a task the same way you do - and there is a strength to being able to improvise too.

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7 comments on “Enneagram 5 | The Sage | 5 wing 4 | 5 wing 6”

    1. I am INFP as well, and attempting to determine my enneagram. This one struck me, and is top consideration because is so spot on.

  1. Hey Eric! ENFP here ? I would agree with all things except for one, and that is that we run alway from spotlight because we are afraid. See, while I was a kid, I was one of those kids that are great in everything( probably like everyone with this enthusiastic type) any subject in school, music, sports, etc. but my friends were left behind in the school rehearsals, plays, in the music school, with their grades and all the parents would compare them to me. I didn’t like that because I felt like all of them are really good at something. I had to make a choice and back down in order to make some of my close friends feel good about their passions. It sounds bad when I say it like that, but that was the truth, simply because I was always so curious and outgoing, so it was easier for me to learn a new skill or develop a good communication with anyone. Then I learned that I don’t really need to be in the spotlight to feel good about my studies, music or any form of art that I did back then. It’s still the same plus I don’t feel like I want to be in the center of attention, because people usually want you to entertain them, and I don’t feel like doing it. As for taking charge at work or on a project, I usually do it. Especially when there is a problem to be solved. I hope this helped. Btw, I love what you’re doing! Keep it up! It really helps me and my friends! ?

  2. This is spot on- it describes me well. Ironically, I am a Virgo which is represented by the Hermit in the tarot deck which is one of the archetypes you used to describe this type of personality.

  3. Greetings eric, I fully agree with everything written on it. The only fact or rather say statement is towards the reason why we don't like the spotlight is not to come across as too intimidating, as we note it in our early lives that majority of the people do not like to act with their thinking faculty rather than how they feel. I also say the reason why we kind of cut people it is because we don't like to be dependent of our personal control. Most people once they know you like or love them they take an advantage of that. It is a self preservation mechanism. I like everything stated in this information, I thus above and beyond resonate with it all. Coking towards my cognitive functions and subtype: (Intj - T) resonating with the (estj) subtype. I find my mental faculty under the (super intuitive type), I am really in need of getting a grasp of its insight as I really struggle to deal with sensing. I am even diagnosed with a disability of (physiological disorder/dissability). When I was young I struggled to speak, I was stuttering. My psychiatrist said my mind moves faster than my body and I struggle to regulate my mind. Can you please advise me. I am in desperate need of it, I yet love being intuitive when it comes to process system design, engineering 3d modeling and modernism architecture in all sorts of degrees. I am somebody who struggle in social dimensions even when it comes to small talks. I feel like I only flow with other engineers or scientists. I don't know if I am mad or just not in at the right space of existence. I just struggle to be around people. I only have very few number of people in my life. Only two real best friends. They also struggle at times with me but they understand me. Please make me understand the indepthness of these cognitive functions and subtypes, as I understand the correlation to my enneargram. Thank you, your kind assistance would be of paramount value, thank you in advance.

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