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Enneagram 7 – The Explorer (7 wing 6) & (7 wing 8)

Enneagram 7s are often known as seekers or great explorers. They like keeping an open mind and finding out new things. 


The Explorer, The Seeker, The Lost


Enneagram 7


Exploring curiosities and pursuing what is on the other side of the unknown 


Openness mindset




Curious, Bored


Yellow (Positive & Chaotic)


Perceiver (Perception & Reflection)

Enneagram 7 – The Seeker

The seeker type is a perceiving type in their nature, which means, they are mainly oriented by their perception and by a need to reflect on their perception. To think about what they see and to experience and explore and understand. 

They are positive and perhaps a bit chaotic, what is next, what could happen, and what could be behind that door? The Enneagram 7 is generally enthusiastic – the world is perceived as something interesting, but the seven can also struggle with disappointment. 

Openness types search for something, but when they don't find what they seek, they have to handle the dissatisfaction with this. The Seeker may find that what they find does not meet their expectations. This can cause them to appear restless, they are always looking for something new, and there is always the next step. When you have an exploring mindset, you essentially see the world as full of mysteries and secrets, there are things waiting to be found, new places to be, and things to try. The Enneagram 7 is the embodiment of this mindset. 

Openness mindsets

An openness mindset makes us perceive the world as full of wonder. At their best, the Enneagram 7s believe that there are grand mysteries, and wonderful sights waiting for them. It is important however to not become fickle in this: search for mysteries that interest you, look in places that you find yourself drawn to. 

Investigate things that you find can be worthwhile and rewarding. With an exploring mindset, you are always pulled forward by an almost invisible force. Sitting still, you feel as if there is a current behind you, pushing you on. You are typically fast-paced and forward-oriented. There is a next button on everything, and seekers like to skip forward. They are usually the first to a new place and dislike having to wait behind in a line. 

Explorer temperaments

Because they are always searching for something, Enneagram 7s can be perceived as restless and always on the move. Friends may feel that they can never sit still, and the Seekers are always coming up with ideas for new places to visit, or new things to do. It is important for the Seeker that what they experience will meet their expectations, so Enneagram 7 types are always thinking things through, will it be fun, will I enjoy it, what will happen? 

They have an insatiable curiosity. But they are always wrestling boredom. If they can not feed their curiosity, they can become ever increasingly restless. They can start stirring up trouble or drama, just to make things interesting. Being restless, people can always count on fun things happening around you. People who have an Enneagram 7 friend will always find new things to do and new places to go to. 

Curious – Bored

The curious nature of the Seeker is perhaps their most distinguishing feature. They seem more interested than most, and love to see new things and to try out new things. Full of questions, they like to wonder about what could happen next. Bored, however, they start to reveal a more difficult side. 

Seekers can feel lost and dissatisfied with life. They can feel as if nothing new ever happens, as if every day is the same. Their need for change is great, and it is important for them to reinforce this in themselves on a daily basis. Being bored is an experience, sure, but why should you be when you know so much other things going on. 

With that said, the Enneagram 7 will not enjoy just about anything. All Enneagram 7s have their own unique interests and hobbies. iNtuitives will find themselves pulled to far more abstract exploration, and Sensors will find themselves more interested in great sights, adventure, and action. Introverts may be comfortable exploring things more close by, at home, or inside their own heads, where extroverts may be more drawn to books, people, and mysteries around them. 

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