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Enneagram 8 – The Ruler (8 wing 7) & (8 wing 9)

The Ruler Archetype

Enneagram 8s are primarily driven by a need to have power and influence in the world.


The Ruler, The Striver, The Follower


Enneagram 8


To take control of your life and things that interest you








Mental (Blue) 


Values-based (Decisive)

The Ruler (Enneagram Eight)

The ruler has a strong will and judgement. You see them trying to use their mind to try to make the best of a situation. What can I do to take charge and to make sure of the best outcome? Rationally speaking, the ruler wrestles what the right decision is. It can be hard to know for sure what is the right decision, and the ruler wants to show strong judgement and wisdom in their decision making. 


General Description

Enneagram Eight “The Ruler”

Common traits: Influential, charismatic, decisive, will-full, ambitious, resourceful, proud, and strong.

The enneagram type is the champion of their own gut judgement and their sense of right and wrong. Caring and ambitious types, rulers desire control and to bring order to the world, establishing what is right and wrong and correcting core issues in the world. As a ruler type, your primary ambition is to stand up against injustice and evil.

Keeping an open eye, you will typically be strategic, tactical, and able to plan and to force a way forward for your ideas. The ruler is first and foremost about realising their vision and their ideology. This means you will work hard to build and to expand your empire, your business, or your goal, building outwards, growing, and gaining allies, and standing up to competition. The eight keeps an open eye to threats and intercepts negative possibilities and avoids problematic outcomes.

There is a tendency here to see enemies everywhere, and to wonder who is or can be trusted. The eight will also be prone to seeing and intercepting any sign of opposition or criticism in other people, guarding themselves and protecting their face in front of others. Enneagram Eights are often known as challengers in this regard.

Emotional stability

When emotionally stable, Enneagram 8s deal well with questions and conflicts from other people. When more neurotic however, they can become paranoid or afraid of being usurped or losing their position as leader. They worry about new threats to their position and people that will challenge their dominance and try to assert their position as the person that knows best at all times.


Infant: Early in life, Enneagram 8s try to make sure other people notice and recognise them, and that others will do what they say.
Child: Enneagram 8s quickly begin to show leadership in the family, trying to get everyone together on a project or tradition.
Teenager: Enneagram 8s soon start to challenge their parents and family and develop their own ideas for how they want things to be.
Young adult: At some point, Enneagram 8s become more pragmatic and start to accept rules for how to get power.
Adult: Once they have been able to settle in somewhere, they start working hard to gain influence there and to raise in position and stature.
Accomplished adult: At this level, Enneagram 8s start helping other people succeed and gain power. They begin to work with mentorship programs and various activities, showing others how to rise and nurturing future leaders.

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