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Enneagram 9 – The Peacemaker (9 wing 1) (9 wing 8)

The Utopian (Enneagram 9)

Ideals oriented, utopians see the best way to live and be but don't always know how to act to make this a reality. 


The Utopian, The Innocent, The Dystopian


The Utopian, The Innocent, The Dystopian






Peace, Turmoil


Material needs (Green) 


Values-based, Determined (Decider)

Getting to know the Utopians

Enneagram 9s believe strongly that they must be held accountable for the state of the world and that they are responsible for maintaining their ideals. They have high, utopian ideals for themselves and for the world, wanting the best and focusing on balance and fairness. The enneagram 9 seeks a world where everyone can win and embodies the principle of justice as fairness. 

How the 9 realises this depends on their MBTI type values, for example, IXFXs may focus on more introspective methods, understanding and pinpointing human needs and intentions and trying to spread harmony, where IXTXs may prefer to focus on how the world can become more logical and reasonable and identifying principles things can come to pass. As reviewers, 9s can appear to struggle with apathy and indecisiveness. 

They are more interested in feeling or thinking about how to judge or perceive the world than in thinking about what to do or say. Even the more extroverted 9s like the nature loving extroverted feeling types adhere to the green values of stability and order, believing nature has a certain order that it should work according to, and the 9s pride themselves on aligning with and upholding this order. The extraverted thinking types will set strong laws and rules for themselves and how to behave, thinking if they can follow these rules, life will work out.

It is when this order is threatened or when they start to perceive the world as unfair that the 9s darker side can start to emerge, and the Dystopian nines can find themselves prone to giving up early, becoming apathetic to real problems, and pretending that issues do not exist or are too major to be prevented. In their normal or healthy state, 9s are among the most idealistic of all, and as long as problems appear manageable and under control, the 9 will remain resolute and eager to learn and to change and to adjust with the course of life. 

9s can appear as the model citizens, especially when you look at their primary values, they seem committed to always doing the right thing and carry a healthy innocence with them, believing that if you do the right thing, the universe will reward you, and as long as balance prevails, the 9 is happy.  

Differences in values

Is balance best achieved through law, reason, trust in nature, or through finding answers within? As a nine, I always thought that if I could find inner peace and answers and understanding of myself and other people, the world would become a better place. I understand now that there are other ways than the one I have chosen for myself, and I see that other types tend to advocate other paths to balance. 

Extroverted thinking types believe in balance through law, which is, if we see the world objectively, and if we all act in a pragmatic way, and if we all do what is smartest for us, everyone will benefit, and there will be balance. Introverted thinking types believe that, if we create smart laws and intelligent ways to organise society and to live, balance will be achieved. And extroverted feelers believe that if we all trust in nature and express our emotions and say what we feel, everyone will come to accept each others and we can reach greater balance and peace. As a nine, think about how you want to act and what values are important to you. Don't get too much in the habit of second guessing your core values and don't spend too much time acting in the service of wrong values. 

While law can be great, and while logic and intelligence can always help, it should not drive you if you are more inclined towards feeling, because that will not give you the feeling of harmony and balance that you seek. Many may start to question their life path because they are creating a false dilemma, forcing themselves either to compromise their values in the service of their utopia, or compromising their utopia to protect their values, but neither decision will bring true happiness. Keep speaking up for your beliefs, and keep working towards your dream. It may seem difficult at times, but self-realisation is the most important project for every individual. 

Health Levels:

The Utopian: Feel at peace with themselves and the people around them. Feel more positive about the world around them and about themselves, fair and accepting. Take time to deal with disharmony and conflict, believing conflicts can be resolved and that they can restore balance when necessary. 

The Innocent: Innocents have one of two struggles. Either they have inner peace or balance, but feel the world is in chaos or does not live up to their expectations, or they have balance around them, but struggle with inner turmoil. Can sometimes procrastinate on things they don't like, avoiding tension points or positions of conflict. Feel secretly stressed about these things.

The Dystopian: The dystopian is in both inner and outer turmoil, their inner turmoil getting them to lash out and to spread chaos around them, becoming unfair to other people. Prone to giving up or to being apathetic, stop believing they can realise their ideals. Seem lazy or ignorant of issues, pretend things are not happening, or overly dramatise problems and make problems insurmountably large. 

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