ENTP Subtypes & ENTP Cognitive Functions

The ENTP Cognitive Functions

ENTP Cognitive Functions: The ENTP Cognitive functions in flow are Extroverted iNtuition (Ne) Extroverted Thinking (Te) Thinking Perceiving (Tp) and iNtuitive Perceiving (Np)

Np gives a feeling of joy that we only find in creativity, experimentation, variation, and change. Ne gives a feeling of satisfaction we only find in making a great discovery or spotting a cool new pattern.

Different combinations of these cognitive functions give us different feelings, and Tp is that feeling of pride when you’re REALLY good at something, and you know you’re better than others at it. Te, finally, is that feeling of strength and confidence and peace.

Meet The ENTP Subtypes

Decide, act, think or evaluate. Those are the code-words that make up the four subtypes. Some, like Ne, prefer to think, get excited, plan, make plans. Others, like Te, evaluate and know what’s best and want to keep the systems intact. Some subtypes, like the Np prefer to play and joke around and experiment. While finally, the Tps like to win and stay ahead.

ENTP-Ne “The Freedom Seeker”

I’ve discovered four key subtypes: ENTP-Ne, ENTP-Te, ENTP-Np and ENTP-Tp. ENTP-Ne subtypes are gatherers, there’s a pattern or connection everywhere. Their primary focus is on what’s next. There’s always a new discovery or something new to do for this type. There’s never really any closure or time to sit down and master something so a lot of things tend to end up as all talk for this subtype.

A jack of all trades, but a master of none. This subtype may sometimes fear challenge and tests and situations that could pin them down. If they get stuck on a problem, their inclination is to move on to the next thing instead. This means the type never has a chance to develop a sense of pride or accomplishment, but it does mean they’re never going to be bored.

At their worst, these types are highly impatient, restless, overly enthusiastic, and prone to rushing ahead without even reading the instructions. Most of all, this is the type that just wants to learn. Novelty-seeking is what defines this subtype. Novelty is more important than skill, power, variation.

ENTP-Np “The Change Catalyst”

Lots of balls in the air, this type loves to multitask and to have lots going on. Active and adventurous, and most of all, playful and fun-loving. The ENTP-Np subtype is diverse and multi-sided. A joker and a tease, they like to disagree and to play the devil’s advocate. Most fun is exploring hypotheticals and what-ifs.

This is an archetype of humor and energy that loves a good discussion. But they’re also known to completely lack discipline and to struggle to sit down. Classrooms are torture for this type. Beyond that, this type tends to make an excellent communicator and argumentationalist.

You can’t win in a conversation with this type, they’ve got a good answer to everything. Witty but generally avoids any form of responsibility. Rather than try their best at something or put the work in, they’re always looking for the path of least resistance. This also makes them appear easy-going and lazy.

ENTP-Tp “The Hacker”

The Tp-subtype shows a love for problem-solving and figuring things out. They like to be the best and tend to be highly competitive types that constantly crave challenge. In this, they can sometimes appear like steamrollers that always have to win.

Struggling to take other’s feelings into account, they’ll leave you behind and do their best to be the first to the finish line. This makes this type slightly more patient than the average ENTP, as they can steel themselves to sit down and put the hours in to practice just so they can get even further ahead of others. However, this type may be so eager to want to be the best they’ll become more avoidant of new situations and environments that lay outside their current skill level.

ENTP-Te “The Leader”

What you see here is a natural leader and somebody who radiates power and responsibility and pragmatism. Take-charge go-getters, they know what they want and set goals and targets to reach. Their natural priority is on their goals and what they want and how to get there. In this, they’re not afraid to step on anyone’s toes and will say what they think even if it’s going to hurt the feelings of others.

In the ENTP-Te subtype, we see traditional power symbols of wanting to have it all: the highest salary, the most status. You want to be the one that knows best. Here, you see a more disciplined ENTP who is ready to be pragmatic and to put your eggs in a basket even if it means missing out on other potential options. You’d like to think more outside the box, but you tend to feel it’s a loser’s choice and that you’re going to be more successful if you stick to a path. You have to think of the facts and make the best call for everyone and can you really risk trying out something new, what if it doesn’t work out?

ENTP Development

True flow and happiness comes from finding a balance between all four subtypes and not letting one of them dominate or come before the others. When you’re an ENTP, development has to happen across multiple dimensions. You’ll want to create and manage a varied and diverse life. You’ll want to manage power and responsibility. You’ll want to polish your skills and find some things you’re really good at.