ENTP Subtypes & ENTP Cognitive Functions

The ENTP Cognitive Functions

The ENTP has a set of four dominant cognitive functions. The ENTP Cognitive functions are:

  • Extroverted iNtuition (EN) associated with observation and transformation of ones surroundings. 
  • iNtuitive Perceiving (NP) associated with variation, diversity, and idea adaptation.
  • Extroverted Thinking (ET) associated with strength, pragmatism, and results.
  • Thinking Perceiving (TP) associated with skills, technical competence at a task, or tactical problem solving.

Developing and mastering all of these functions is crucial to feeling inner balance and personal well being. Developing one over the others may cause you to fall into one of the less healthy subtypes listed below.

The ENTP Subtypes

The ENTP subtypes are unique and different styles of development unique to you as an ENTP. There are four ENTP subtypes. The ENTP (iNfP) Actor, The ENTP Decider (isTP), The ENTP (ENfj) Observer and the ENTP (EsTj) Reviewer. It just means, yeah, you value the top four ENTP cognitive functions but you have chosen to use and rely on other functions instead.

The ENTP Actor

This is a very diverse and varied ENTP, always with multiple balls in the air, various small scale projects and ideas jumping around in their heads. Introverted iNtuition acts here as an encouraging voice, while Feeling Perceiving is an ethical reminder or seat belt.

The ENTP Actor is constantly grounded by introverted feeling. It feels like a burn or sting of empathy (I should not have said that, I should not have done that.) Sometimes, the ENTP Actor is aware of this and at other times, they try their best not to be aware of it. 

ENTP Subtypes

The ENTP Reviewer

Extroverted Thinking is your strength here. You are trying to act in tune with your core values of pragmatism, and you are primarily focused on results. Thinking Judging is an encouraging drive here (You can do better, you can go further, you can try harder!) 

Extroverted Sensing on the other hand is a steer (But do not go there, avoid that, make sure you do not miss this thing right in front of you.) Finally, Sensing Judging is the brake. It forces you to discipline yourself and to keep yourself from making changes that you may regret or that may go against peoples expectations on you. But it also makes you feel stuck or controlled or blocked from progressing at something. 

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The ENTP Observer

The ENTP Observer has a strong dominant extroverted iNtuition. They are always focused on realizing opportunity. iNtuitive Judging is an encouraging force here: an encouraging vision to work towards. Extroverted Feeling on the other hand,


acts mainly as a grounder. A reminder or warning not do or say something that will clash with or cause conflicts with other people. Feeling Judging is finally your brake: it tells you what you can and cannot tell other people and it forces you to talk with other people, or keeps you from sharing things  with other people in case you think it will hurt them to hear it. 

The ENTP Decider

The ENTP Decider has a strongly developed Thinking and Perceiving. This usually means strong technical goals and skills. You want to develop yourself and be good at what you do. You score yourself daily and test your progress.

Introverted Thinking helps act as a source of encouragement here: Try to become smarter, try to think more critically. Sensing Perceiving on the other hand, acts as a warning bell. But make sure you avoid this, make sure you do not mess up that. Finally, Introverted Sensing is a grounding function for the ENTP. So it forces the ENTP to be more moderate and conservative. There is a fear of being unrealistic or being stupid. 

ENTP Development

Ideally, strive towards balancing your observer function with your decider function. Ensure you develop all sides within yourself and allow all to thrive in your day to day life. Notice imbalances, such as when you feel overwhelmed while working towards one of your targets or goals, or when you feel bored while trying to maintain your values and ethics. 

For example: Does your extroverted intuition and your pursuit of learning keep you from mastering goals and skills and becoming really good at something? Or does your strong pragmatic extroverted thinking and your values keep you from progressing and changing and growing yourself in other regards? If you can figure this one out, you are set to becoming an Expert ENTP.