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ENTP vs ENFP I ENFP vs ENTP Explained

Written by Erik Thor

Are you the ENFP Campaigner or ENTP Debater? Learn how to know you are ENFP and how to know you are ENTP and share your own experiences and reasons for being an ENFP instead of an ENTP. Scroll down to take the survey and share your own thoughts

How to know you are ENFP? And how to know you are ENTP?

How to know you are ENFP?

1. ENFPs value honour and integrity above justice or fairness. That means, you will choose to do and say what you feel is right and what demonstrates good character or a higher moral code.
2. You believe integrity and honour comes from authentic self-expression. If everyone would be themselves fully, and respect other's right to do the same, the world would be a better place.
3. You believe justice and fairness comes from owning strength, power, and resources. If you can show strength, power and material wealth, you can create more freedom for yourself.

How to know you are ENTP?

1. ENFPs value fairness and justice above integrity or honour. They are not beyond using "less ethical means" in order to pursue a higher goal. You can get your hands dirty and can play the game as long as you believe the game to be fair.
2. You believe justice and fairness comes from knowing the rules and how to play the game well. If you can develop your talents, you can "crack the code" and succeed in the world.
3. You believe honour and integrity comes from a social contract and mutual agreements that have been communicated clearly with other people. You are not beyond doing the right thing, as long as other people can communicate their needs and expectations to you.

More differences between ENFPs and ENTPs


4. Disharmony hits you to the core. Conflict and discord will shake you up emotionally and breakdowns in communication upset you more than anything else.
5. Reason and logic can cause you to second guess yourself. You often doubt your own decisions and maths. It is difficult for you if you feel something is right in your gut, yet you cannot explain it or other people do not understand it.


4. You can't bear weakness. Being powerful and successful is everything to you and not being able to perform well in society or to be fully independent would cause you great pain.
5. Not being authentic or real is a source of doubt for you. You often second guess if you are being honest or if you are just a fraud. You find it difficult that you are so good at convincing other people, that you worry that you are misleading other people.

Why are you an ENFP or ENTP?

So how to know you are ENFP or ENTP? Share your experiences here!

Are you an ENFP?



  • I value Introverted Feeling above Introverted Thinking


  • I just wish people were more open and honest with their feelings, pissed off with me then tell me why and we can work through it, feeling low? tell me and I can do everything I can think of to try and make you feel happy again. Don't however just winge on and on about stuff refusing to come up with solutions. Or put 2 and 2 together and come up with a 100 and expect me to validate it, if what you are saying doesn't make sense then I am going to tell you, I won't be a bitch about it but I will tell you that your thinking is skewed and if you get annoyed then that's on you. It will eat me up for days that I upset you but I will stay firm and will justify my thinking if asked. I have millions of ideas and I am really logical looking at systems in a big whole picture way rather than just small bolt on's. If you change a system make it solve as many issues as possible, see it as the opportunity to make it incredible. Most people however don't see this side of us, how great we are at system/process building and just see me as naive and stupid especially if put on the spot to explain as will babble on incoherently, but tell me to write it down or give me time to come up with a sales pitch then I will blow you away with my vision, passion and enthusiam and will have an answer for any question you throw at me.


  • (Not in order) I use information from others(Te), have deep emotions and value authenticity(Fi), have at least 100 horrible ideas in 10 minutes(Ne) and don’t enjoy anything to do with physical reality (Se)

Are you an ENTP?

ENTP reasons
  1. I'm very persuasive - I can convince anyone about anything!

  1. "That, which can be destroyed by the truth, should be"
    I don't believe any social contracts hold value, if they're not based in reality. Authenticity is very important, but not enough in and out of itself
    , especially if it springs from ignorance. If objective data (as best as it can be obtained in any given field) contradicts my opinion, I will reevaluate said opinion. And I would defend the search for truth any day over the search for harmony.

How to know you are ENFP or ENTP YouTube Video

I hope this article helped you find out how to know you are ENFP or ENTP. Watch my video to hear my full breakdown on ENFP vs ENTP personality types

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