ENTP – The Inventor

ENTP Description

ENTP – The Utilitarian

Core values: Freedom, Change, Efficiency and Pragmatism.

Temperament: Explorer
Worldview: Self-Direction/Power

ENTPs are free-spirited catalysts, that always see a way to change or improve a situation for the better. Pragmatic and with an eye for what works, ENTPs investigate and surf on the natural laws of the world and find ways to use whatever life has handed to them with cleverness and wit. As they develop, ENTPs wrestle against being chained or controlled, and against conservative or traditional ideas. 




Extraverted Sensing

Extraverted Intuition

Introverted Intuition

When you have to sit still and just enjoy and be content with what is and what’s going on in the moment. 

You’re learning new things and exploring new thoughts and theories, you’ve spotted a new pattern and you’re the first person to check it out.

When you start to feel like you don’t know what’s going on and what’s happening underneath the surface in the world.

Feeling Perceiving

Thinking Perceiving

Thinking Judging

This function bubbles up when you have to give people a piece of your mind, even if it’s slightly harsh or might upset them. 

You’ve spotted a way to do something better than it is currently done. And you’re able to tinker and try things out and see if it makes things better. 

This bubbles up when you start to feel like you don’t understand the system enough and like you must be misunderstanding the rules of the game. This can’t be how it really works?

Extraverted Feeling

Extraverted Thinking

Introverted Thinking

If you feel that you have to be careful not to step on anybody’s toes going for what you want. If you feel you have to dress up your words or what you do before you can do something.

When you’ve figured out how an environment works and how to get a certain amount of results, or when you’ve mastered a situation and can navigate it perfectly to get what you want.

When you feel that you have to be smarter about things, that you can’t just go forward and grab what you want. Perhaps there’s a mechanic or rule you missed? It can’t be this easy?

Sensing Perceiving

Intuitive Perceiving

Intuitive Judging

When you become preoccupied with what to do and what to say to get people’s respect. When you force yourself to act in a way that you know people will echo and approve of.

You bring up new changes and possibilities and you show people how things can be done differently. You bounce off and get new ideas and you let it give you power and stimulation.

You start wondering where your ideas are leading and where you are going in life. What is your end goal with everything and for what reason do you do what you do?

ENTP-1 The Utopian (—+)

Sensing Perceiving and Feeling Perceiving tends to bubble up in the ENTP-1, creating a kind of utopian that wants to see their ideas transformed into direct and immediate change in the moment. They want to see their ideas and solutions come to pass quickly and become honest and outspoken and act directly to get what they want. The ENTP-1 ignores what they know about the world and lets go of their personal freedom and makes them into a weapon for the ideas they want to fight for.

ENTP-2 The Caregiver (+-++)

This is an ENTP preoccupied with giving and nurturing others by providing material welfare and by finding smart ways to improve people’s lives. But the ENTP-2 can feel like people don’t appreciate what they give, and struggle with feeling confined and forced to enjoy what other people like and find fun. This makes them see people as boring and narrow-minded, yet, they still work hard to muster the patience to guide people onwards.

ENTP-3 The Performer (+-+-)

The ENTP-3 is a performer that knows how to gain influence and power and material wealth. They want to show to other people that they have an understanding of the laws of the world, but tend to be too rule compliant and too bound by the rules of the system in the process. They tend to dismiss their own creative self and ideas as they believe “these ideas won’t work in the real world.”

ENTP-4 The Creator (–+-)

The ENTP-4 (–+-) fears their ideas are too out there and often feel constricted and limited where they are. They tend to second guess their own beliefs and worry they don’t understand the system well enough, and that there is a hidden mechanic or logic behind things that they have missed. They keep coming up with new ideas and constantly see ways they could improve or change society, but simultaneously doubt anyone will listen to or care about what they make.

ENTP-So The Everyperson (+—)

Able to make anyone like them, ENTP-Sos are and can step into the shoes of any type or any person, except the introverted types. ENTP-Sos try to discipline themselves and to abide by social etiquette, but keep feeling that they’ve said something wrong, or accidentally hurt other people. They worry they will say something weird that will make them disliked by other people, and try to dress and act in accordance to social expectations.

ENTP-Sx The Lover (++–)

Always searching for fun new patterns and interesting new places to explore, ENTP-Sxs strike themselves out of the crowd by doing something new or interesting. But in their need to be and to hold on to this feeling of being interested, they become overly preoccupied with how they appear to other people. 

The question becomes “How does this make me look to others?” and extraverted feeling drives the ENTP-Sx to shape their appearance by what others are attracted to. And the big question ENTP-Sxs struggle with in all of this is “Where am I going with all of this? Where is this going to lead me in the end?” That is the ENTPs awareness of intuition and judging (NJ)

ENTP-Sp – The Magician (+++-)

Able to somehow think quickly on the spot to solve any problem and born with an innate understanding of the material laws around them, they can navigate any environment and bring out the potential of any situation. Free spirited, but seek a vision or purpose or a greater reason to live for. Struggle to navigate and conform to the system.

ENTP-5 – The Sage (-+–)

Born with a sceptical mindset, ENTP-5s doubt everything they hear and always think of questions and inconsistencies in what people think and believe. ENTP-5s see how people fail to act in accordance with their beliefs and become annoyed by this. They feel at the same time that what they see can’t be all that is going on, there must be something deeper or hidden beneath all of this, but what is it exactly?  

ENTP-6 – The Informer (-+-+)

The ENTP-6 hones in on their intuition and perceiving and can always think of a what if or a possible outcome that people haven’t considered. Paying careful attention to change and seeing how any situation could change, ENTP-6s try to keep themselves and the people around them informed about what is going on. Where you guys aware of this? Did you guys consider this? ENTP-6s feel they must be honest and real with people and that they must share what they know even if it will hurt people’s feelings. They often feel misunderstood by others for what they say.

ENTP-7 The Explorer (++-+)

The ENTP-7 is always focused on the potential of any situation, and can see new opportunities as they spring up. They want to enjoy every moment to the fullest but constantly pay attention to what’s going to happen next, trying to intercept change and to ensure a situation stays positive and on the right course at all times. 

Sensitive to changes in conditions, and somewhat restless and impatient, ENTP-7s don’t have time to fully use their thinking and can be somewhat too honest, saying anything that is on their mind at any given time, and ENTP-7s are known to be somewhat socially inappropriate.

ENTP-8 The Ruler (-+++)

The ENTP-8 has a strong set of ideas and principles and are always aware of how to improve a situation and how to make a situation better for everyone. But ENTP-8s can become somewhat impatient of other people, as other people don’t always agree with their suggested changes. 

The ENTP-8 puts on the leadership hat and forces themselves to do what is best for everyone, even if it puts pressure on themselves. And ENTP-8s can be somewhat fearful and prone to second guessing themselves. Is it really going to be this easy? Is something going to happen that will stop me from success? Is there something deeper going on here that I’m not aware of?

ENTP-9 The Mediator (–++)

The ENTP-9 has a remarkable ability to solve any problem that comes up but tends to focus on solving problems that other people want them to solve. The ENTP-9 studies the system and finds a way to act tactically to make sure everyone gets a fair outcome. 

They play the game so that everyone can win a little, and hold back their skills and individual interests in the process. The ENTP-9 feels pressure to be moderate and to constantly be on their toes to ensure they’ve accounted for everything and crunched all the numbers, so that everything is always equal and balanced.