ENTP Personality Type – The Inventor

ENTP Personality Type – The Inventor

Nickname: Detective, Hacker, Director, Catalyst
Mindset: The Strategist
Core values: Freedom, Pragmatism, Skill, Variation
Temperament: Inquisitive, Strong, Tactical, Diverse
Cognitive functions: Extroverted iNtuition, Extroverted Thinking, Thinking Perceiving, iNtuitive Perceiving
Key Intelligences: Patterns Intelligence, Results Intelligence, Game Intelligence, Change Intelligence

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The Inventor Description

The inventor is an archetype of ideas and change and innovation. They act as the adaptors of ideas and of objectivity and seek to put good ideas to practice and to test out new ways to do things better. Typically, they are grand experimenters and analysts of how the world work, able to see how to do things better. They like to measure and see the world objectively, looking at statistics, tracking performance, and seeing what they are doing right and wrong at any given time. The ENTP personality type are always looking at ways to customise and adjust to the situation. They have an adaptable nature and believe the best option depends on the situation. So ENTPs love to barter and argue and trade with other people. You will find that they like to have a chance to debate what to do and to come up with different ways to do something.

We see the ENTP personality type core values reflected well in their general behaviour. They will be free-spirited and outspoken and love the chance to play devils advocate on various matters. They will act tough and strong and want to prove their ability to others. You will find that the ENTP personality type will like to butt heads with others. To argue and to see who can come out on top. They enjoy games and spend a lot of time developing their diverse skills and abilities. They are extremely varied people and tend to always change and adjust to the situation.

The ENTP Mindset

The ENTP personality type and its inventiveness comes from their existential belief that there is a secret or hidden way to do something. They believe everything has a hidden mechanism to it. There is a secret way or plan for things and the ENTP is set to figure out what it is. Acting as Detectives, ENTPs ask questions and play the game, trying out different ways to do something. The idea is that if you can figure out the strategy you can think of ways to excel.

ENTPs have a high game intelligence. This allows them to see things tactically. To use tactics means to see a smart way to counter someone else’s strategy. If someone is doing or trying to do something, the ENTP can think of ways to stop them, or to help them. The ENTPs introverted thinking alerts them to secret hidden mechanics, but rather than try to just think up how it works, the ENTP tries to test out various methods hoping they will find something that clicks. Similarly, the ENTP does not speculate, but they still enjoy a good chance to guess and try things out. Its not about figuring out the secret behind the lottery, but finding the winning lottery ticket. The ENTP is all about opportunities and the chance to test out a new opportunity.

ENTP Cognitive Functions

Extroverted iNtuition – The Seeker Function

Extroverted Thinking – The Boss Function

Thinking Perceiving – The Inventor Function

iNtuitive Perceiving – The Rebellious Function

Involved with transformation, change and novelty.

Involved with status, power, and authority.

Involved with solutions, problem-solving, and analytics

Involved with change, creativity, and option-management.

ENTP Body Language

Neil Degrasse Tyson, ENTP

Facial Expressions

  • Cool Head
  • Surprised expression
  • Tactical Smile
  • Open, curious eyes

Hand Gestures

  • Hacker Fingers
  • Explorer Wrists
  • Strong Gestures
  • Open Palms

Voice tone

  • Argumentative pattern
  • Questioning tone
  • Enthusiastic rhythm
  • Commanding delivery

ENTPs love to command respect and authority from others. They seek to inspire and love to spread their enthusiasm. They try hard to impress and topple others, and they tend to be argumentative and inquisitive types, full of questions. They are rebellious and have a mix of defiance and surprise in their eyes. They are tactical and level headed and pragmatic, rarely letting emotions take over. But they can become pushy and forceful when necessary. Their hand gestures signal awe, inspiration, new ideas, options, tactical maneuvers, and more. 

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