ESFJ – The Public Speaker

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ESFJ Values

ESFJs love discipline and order and when there are structures for things. They tend to be goofy and peopleable, with lots of social charm. They are warm and community-loving, and like to do things on feeling. They are often moral and have values regarding life and how to live and conduct oneself. ESFJs like to be on stage and to be where things are happening, and to be a part of the normal day to day life, to have chores, things to do, and task lists to check off.

The community plays an important role in the ESFJs values: they like to base themselves off of what the community thinks and to live up to the expectations of other people, and to find ways to give people what they want and need. They do this sometimes at the expense of self. There is a desire to be kind and to give of themselves, to do the right thing and to be in the right in what you do. But the ESFJs can wrestle with underdeveloped skills and abilities, feeling weak or powerless, as they see people that struggle but feel they lack the ability or power to help.

As an ESFJ, you may also struggle with feeling too tied down with rules. There is always a rule or a smart way to do things – and it is difficult as an ESFJ to explain your reasoning and why you do what you do. For the most, you just do it on a feeling, but your gut feeling is usually right. Passion is your instrument and when you feel good, life is a dance, and you can just see aesthetically what is right and what feels best.

ESFJs love to socialise and to interact with others. To have a daily chatter, people to talk to, and to be where things happen and where people live and express themselves freely. You want to instill community around you. There is a strong sense of hard-wired responsibility for people in an ESFJ, a desire to think about and concern themselves with the goals and ambitions of the people around you. And it is generally through helping people realising their purpose, the ESFJ is able to realise their own purpose.

ESFJ Cognitive Functions

Extroverted Sensing: You can easily connect this function to nature and to the environment around you, but sensing goes beyond this, also into self, and who we are and what we do in our environment. How do we act and what do we say and how do we behave in the spotlight, what do we do about the world around us, and how do we choose to engage it? What do we think about what we see and experience? Extroverted Sensing extends to all these things, and its favorite activity is the immediate, what is just right in front of you, what is important, and needs to be dealt with right this minute. As an extroverted sensor, your main concern is real life, the life that you are living and what is going on in your day.

Extroverted Feeling: This function stretches towards people and towards values and morals and our feelings about things, what we find beautiful, aesthetically pleasant, and right in the world. What matters to us, who is important to us, and what we think about and value in the world around us. Extroverted feeling Reviews life and tells you what you like and dislike, but not why, it gives you feeling and passion and reminds you what is important to you and what you need to be happy.

Feeling Judging: Feeling and Judging is connected to how we manage our social reality and the people and situations around us. How do we choose to feel about and deal with a situation, how do we communicate with someone or how do we decide to act or behave when something happens? Feeling and judging can be involved to regulate your own behaviour and your self-expression, and comes off the best when you are reaching deep within yourself and your feelings and thinking carefully about how to convey your feelings and how to express yourself. You will want to really feel what you want and what is important to you and think about how to achieve it strategically. You will also want to anticipate how other people will respond or feel about it and how to get other people to care about it, too.

Sensing Judging: You use this function to judge your environment and what is happening around you, what is most important, what should be done first. You use it to organise and order your surroundings, to manage events and what is happening and new information. Sensing and judging is used to consider your environment and day to day activities, lists, chores, and day to day events, and how to best deal with them, when to be where, and what to do at what time. We can use it to plan events and to prepare ahead of a concrete situation, like a party, or a social occasion, anticipating problems.

ESFJ Differences in mindset


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ESFJ-Rebels have a strong judgement about the world and how things should be. They are critical and focus on how to improve relationships and the world around them, focusing on how things could be better. The ESFJ sees a way the world could be more organised and how things could work better, and works in rebellion to the status quo in this. 


ESFJ-Caregivers like to focus and think carefully about how they can guide and help the people around them. What can I say or do to make things better for the people I care about? What can I do to set a good example for others? ESFJs like to create order and structure around them and for other people, helping others stay organised and on top of day to day to do lists. They think of things to do and ways to influence and speak to other people to help them see what is right and wrong.


The ESFJ Performer is focused on what they can do to express themselves and who they are in careers and in work. How they can connect with people and how they can use their charm to receive success and fame and to be seen by other people. They like to form success plans and think of ways to get from point A to point B, thinking of things they can do right now, in their personal situation, to connect to and become popular.


The ESFJ Creator has a mindset focused on using their cognitive functions to create a community or a social network and social circles around themselves, carefully working to deepen their bonds with others and to create community. They like to create their own place, their own day to day routines, and their own personal circles.


The ESFJ Sage seeks truth and information about people and about life and the nature around them. What are people like, critically speaking, what is the right thing to say or do, and how can I make good decisions? The ESFJ Sage wants to think about life and nature and their day to day activities and to know they are living to their fullest potential, that they are being true to themselves and expressing their true feelings about things.


The ESFJ Friend seeks to connect and bond with other people. To build secure spaces around themselves, to live up to chores and commitments to others, and to pay attention and to listen to the people around them. To pay attention and to adjust their views and to listen and to learn from their interactions with others. To express themselves and to have fun and to live in the moment with other people. To think critically about their own behaviour and what they do and how to do things better. 


The ESFJ Seeker likes to pursue new experiences and to live in tune with nature and what is happening right now. To see things and to explore and to live out life on the go. To run through chores and tasks systematically, always new things to do, always new tasks to work on. The ESFJ-Seeker wants to maintain a steady flow forward and to go forward on feeling and to exercise an open judgement, to come up with new things to do and to brainstorm different chores and tasks.


The ESFJ Ruler seeks to create order and structure around them and to give structure to the world. To study nature and to see how things work at their best and to reinforce this through hard work and effort. To show kindness and to help other people adjust and adapt to the world and to deal with struggles and hardships. To express themselves and to live passionately, to speak your mind, and to exercise your judgement, and to use it to influence the world in a positive way.


The ESFJ Utopian thinks long and hard about who they are and what they are to the community, what people think of them and how they conduct themselves. They want to act right and to live in a moral way according to their ideals. They have high expectations for themselves and how they should treat and influence others, and think critically about their impact on others to ensure that they are really doing the right thing. 


The ESFJ Person seeks to maintain a degree of normality in their life. To have normal experiences, and to create a sense of routine around them, with daily tasks, recurring experiences. They work hard to maintain this routine and to keep order around them, and to keep people in good spirits and to stay emotionally balanced and in good spirits. They think critically about threats to this order in the future, and how to stay on top of this to make sure things stay well.


The ESFJ Lover wants to connect on a deeper level with others and to live in tune with life. To feel one with the world and the people they care most about, to have intimacy, to experience life to the fullest. Life is about making bonds and connections that matter, to express your innermost feelings and to share what you see and experience with others. The ESFJ is positive and always sees things from an optimistic angle, seeing the best in people and in life.


The ESFJ Healer wants to use nature and to reflect carefully on their emotions and how they express themselves, to guide and to give people aid, to be kind and to give service to those who need their help. ESFJ Healers are at their best when taking care of and nurturing others around them, seeing how they can help the people who need it and trying their best to maintain healthy routines and good balance in themselves and others.


The ESFJ Adventurers like to act and take to the stage and to speak out for their feelings, expressing themselves in richness, sharing their feelings and thoughts and showing people the world around them. The ESFJ Adventurers always have something going on and are always trying to help people, loving a chance to prove themselves and to live life to the fullest.


The ESFJ Protectors pride themselves on protecting nature and the people they care about, speaking carefully for what they believe in and what they think is right. They have strong values and morals and know how they want the world to be, and try hard to protect the order and the laws they care the most about. 


An ESFJ Fighter will find themselves speaking and acting passionately for what they care about and to stand up for things impotant to them. They think critically about nature and about people and see how the world could be better and how to improve on the order around them. 


The ESFJ Muse channels themselves towards living life and meeting people and making connections, thinking carefully about how they act and what they do and considering options and life carefully to make sure they are living to the fullest and doing the right thing.