ESTP – The Fighter


ESTPs are strong to the point of being slightly intimidating. You are outspoken and sociable, driven and business-oriented. You are quick to engage and work with others. You enjoy a good debate and you like to be on the stage, at the center of everything happening. You radiate power to the people around you, you have this energy that says “He can do it.” You tend to have strong beliefs and a strong work-ethic. You tend to express your opinions openly and directly, without holding back. You’re competetive and you like to win. You love to talk freely about your thoughts and to have open, serious discussions with others. You enjoy big or large groups and social settings, where you can express yourself without restraint. You’re an expert at what you do and you value efficiency and productivity highly.

You tend to be quick to get to know and to share your beliefs with others. You like to test people and see what they can and cannot do. You enjoy to share your facts and engaging in logical discussions with others, and while you may struggle with a bit of a temper, you tend to be quick to forgive others. You tend to connect with others unusually quickly, but you connect more about work and about traditions than on an emotional level. You live like a racecar, always forward, often in a fast manner, and it can be difficult for your friends and loved ones to keep track of everything going on in your life. You’re passionate and loud and it’s sometimes hard for you when people push you aside or don’t give you the attention you need.

Because of your need for power and order, you tend to frown on sentiment and kind gestures. You value strength and self-reliance. You find politness to often be an obstacle and would rather people just state their opinions openly. ESTPs are driven and proactive and slightly erratic about their values. You often say and do things you regret, but your friends see this as a part of your direct and honest style. As an ESTP, you tend to be resistant to new ideas and to new suggestions. You believe the idea that people are the most passionate about is always the best one. Your ideal romantic partner tends to be the ISTJ. Their love for tradition, their ability to reflect deeply on things, and their thoughtfulness appeals to you greatly.

Heroic Extroverted Sensing (Se) – Natural Intelligence

You will spend your entire life exploring this function, and it will be important to you throughout your entire journey. It represents your ego, your dreams, your conscious experience of “you”. This function is about asserting yourself as a unique person in this world and walking your own journey, being true to yourself. This function is what you love.

Extroverted Sensing, ESFP, ESTP

Mentor: Analytical Intelligence – Introverted Thinking (Ti)

This is how you grow and how you improve as a person. Whenever you engage in this function, you’re taking on challenges in life. You’re adding pressure on yourself, and you are in the pursuit of growth and learning opportunities. This function also represents your expectations and the standards you set yourself to.

Introverted Thinking, INTP, ISTP,

Sidekick: Communicative Intelligence – Extroverted Feeling

This function helps you bring balance between your expectations and what you aspire towards, and who you are and your most basic desires. This function also represents a secret superpower within a limited field, something you have an unexpected knack for, for example a hobby.


Rival: Existential intelligence – Introverted Intuition (Ni)

This function represents your opposing values, the things you find the most tedious and annoying, but which you must sometimes rise up to deal with even if you dislike it. Most of the time, you should avoid making this function a too big influence on your life and your decisions.

INFJ, INTJ, Introverted Intuition, ENTJ, ENFJ, ESTP, ESFP, ISFP, ISTP,