People Intelligence (Extroverted Feeling)


The Actor, The Chameleon, The Fraud

Cognitive Function

Extroverted Feeling 




Interpersonal Intelligence

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People memory

Core value


The Actor

The actor is associated with our concept of morality, our ability to care and to be affected emotionally by events and things that happen around us, and our ability to remember others and things about other people. An actor is also skilled at interpersonal intelligence and people management. Yes, you could say that thanks to extraverted feeling, we can understand that there is a “people” or a “tribe” around us that matters and should be taken into account.

This has to do with how we talk with others and how we interact with other people. An actor has a sense of tact or conduct, and its not necessarily noticed in their communication, but in how they act and what they do. They know what is appropriate and inappropriate in a social situation, how to look, dress, or appear. When extroverted feeling is a flow function, it is a dominant function. Actors have strong personal moral views and opinions on what is right and wrong that they have formulated themselves.

This goes beyond cultural norms, but also has to do with morality and ethics. Actors are emoting types, meaning when things happen around them, they feel and experience it strongly emotionally. When their morality and values are challenged, they feel strongly that something should be done. The extroverted feeling type becomes angry, upset, or saddened by bad news, and shows that reality and how we behave has emotional consequences and meaning. 

Interpersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal intelligence includes accessing your people memory to remember what people like and dislike, and how they tend to dress and what they tend to eat. What values they have and how they generally act and appear. This allows them to prepare ahead for social situations, to know what to expect and to troubleshoot issues and conflicts. 

By knowing what other people want and what they tend to do, the Actor can make social calls. Often, this includes reviewing social situations and ethics, like letting people know when they have overstepped morals or when they have behaved badly. It also includes showing people when they have done good things and appreciating what other people do morally, when they do the right thing.

The Extroverted Feeling type has learnt to value the people around them and their opinions and values. The Extroverted Feeling type seeks empathy and mutual understanding. They want to be understood and to feel seen and heard, and they want other people to have the same in return. 

People Memory

People memory is the ability to remember the people you meet, how they look, talk, and dress. When their birthday is, what they tend to eat for dinner, and what tends to be unique about each person. People memory helps you give special attention to peoples unique behavior and personality and helps you feel like you “know” the people around you. 

Extroverted feeling gives us the ability to place importance on these things and it is effortless and meaningful for an Actor to memorise these cues about people. This is an excellent aspect of interpersonal intelligence and what allows us to navigate people and social interactions so well. If we know somebody likes a certain thing, we can prepare accordingly. 


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