The Detective Patterns (Extroverted iNtuition)

Extroverted iNtuition is what allow us to read and predict patterns and to see and imagine what the world can be. With Extroverted iNtuition, we can imagine how different conversations may play out, or read chains of events as they happen. Thanks to this function, we can also spot clues to what is really going on or predict subtle events in our environment. 

Nickname: The Detective
Found in flow types: ENFP, ENFJ, ENTP, ENTJ
Cognitive function: Ext iNtuition
Primary domain: The Possible
Patterns Intelligence
Body language: Fluid and natural eyebrow gaze
Key terms: Free-spirited, Enthusiastic, Cross-Contextual thinking, Hypothetical thinking, Pattern Recognition, Expectation, Transformation

Extroverted iNtuition, Patterns Intelligence, Freedom, Free-spirited, Extroverted iNtuitive Type, The Detective

The Detective Type

Extroverted iNtuitives are most known for their nose for potential and opportunity. They can read the room and behind the lines and always seem one step ahead of everyone else. Their skill is in their ability to connect patterns and think outside the box. Their focus is on the world can be or what it will become, not what it already is. Because of this, the extroverted iNtuitive is sometimes accused of being flighty or whimsical, head in the clouds, and sometimes a little bit crazy.

The Extroverted iNtuitive type values freedom highly, because it connects to their ability to talk freely about new ideas and to change their course or go somewhere different from the group. The Extroverted iNtuitive type sometimes struggles with a fear of being tied down or a difficulty dealing with history and baggage. The Extroverted iNtuitive fears things will not last or that an opportunity will fade away if it is not responded to early. 

Typically, the extroverted iNtuitive type shows little patience for explaining or instructing other people, and expect other people to be able to skip ahead and know what they are saying iNtuitively. 

What is Extroverted iNtuition?

Definition: Extroverted iNtuition refers to our ability to pay attention to patterns and connections that we imagine to exist around us. 

Extroverted iNtuition is patterns intelligence and when we develop this function, we become better at reading patterns accurately and consistently. Extroverted iNtuition is developed when we consciously note down the patterns and predictions we make about a situation, what clues do we have, how do they connect, where do they lead?

Metaphorically, to the extroverted iNtuitive, the world is full of threads and patterns and there is a hidden connection or relationship between everything. Another important part of Extroverted iNtuition is forming a strong hypothesis. If A, then B. C always leads to D. In a sense, it can also be described as laying a puzzle, seeing which puzzles connect.

It is important for the Extroverted iNtuitive to feel everything fits together. If we put the wrong pieces together, the puzzle as a whole will not add up. So to the extroverted iNtuitive, there is a certain, convenient, easy way to make everything line up. If things do not line up or connect smoothly, extroverted iNtuition will typically dismiss it and find a better way. 

It is important then to know that Extroverted iNtuition is about transformation of information, or transforming our environment to make it line up the way we have imagined. There can be a level of disappointment and frustration with how things do not add up and how there is a discrepancy between how you saw it done in your head and how it came to play out in reality, especially if you are an unusually romantic extroverted iNtuitive. But the focus must be on finding ways to bridge between your imagination and the external world and to find ways that will connect to how you intuitively want things to be. 

Developing Extroverted iNtuition

Extroverted iNtuition needs two things to function properly. It needs energy, which we find by immersing ourselves in novel or strange environments. It also needs certainty and self-assuredness, which it finds by going out and researching the patterns it can conceive of.

As an Extroverted iNtuitive, you need to find flow and energy by constantly being able to explore patterns and bring about transformation in the world around you. When you can’t do this, you will feel bored and stuck. Another aspect that is important is to learn to deal with what you can’t prove or can never be sure of, and what will never change.

The healthy, self-actualised extroverted iNtuitive type is able to freely chase the next opportunity, without getting too weighed down by the times in the past where it ended up leading you nowhere. It seems important to know how to recognise what you can’t change, and to recognise what you can change, and to focus on the areas where change is possible, rather than where it is not. 

Growth Archetypes for Extroverted iNtuition

The primary archetypes for growth in the Extroverted iNtuitive are The Magician, The Romantic, The Everyperson, and The Protector. The Magician represents a person that believes in and uses their own powers to transform and shape the world in their own image.

The romantic represents the person that steps into the unknown and can put themselves in introverted iNtuition regardless if you will never fully understand it. The Everyperson represents your ability to deal with social expectations and how people see and know you, based on your history. The Protector represents your ability to deal with reality and what is, and with Extroverted Sensing. 

In practice, the Extroverted iNtuitive must develop to be a strong magician, or a person that can transform the world to meet their expectations, as well as an open hearted romantic, that can allow themselves to step into new and unknown situations, no idea what to expect from it. They must also be able to protect themselves by grounding themselves and accepting what is and what will always be the same, and they must ground themselves and accept their past and what has been. It is in this they can truly step into flow consistently and truly let themselves grow. 

Extroverted iNtuition Health Levels

Level one: At first, Extroverted iNtuition is just a gut instinct or an idea that something is off or something is going wrong. A struggle early on can be to be conscious of the patterns and connections you made. 
Level two: At level two, you may more easily define patterns, even though it is still difficult to explain how you form these patterns. 
Level three: When we hit this level, we can finally form a hypothesis about our patterns and what is going on. 
Level four: When we hit level four, we can start to understand how we read patterns and how we make predictions about our events, and we can also start to accept rules and critical thinking to ensure these patterns are valid. 
Level five: With this, we may start to understand how to transform and change our environment according to our expectations and ideals. We understand how we can intervene properly in a pattern to control the outcome of a situation. 
Level six: Here, we start developing stronger sense of connections and relationships between things. We stop feeling alienated from others and start feeling bonds and relationships on a deeper level. 
Level seven: When we get here, we can start feeling released from unhealthy expectations and ideals and can start to make peace with what we can’t change. 
Level eight: As we hit this point, we begin to see the whole and how we are all connected and where we are headed as a whole, this causing us to feel less small. 
Level nine: When we hit this level, we start to truly feel deep connection and global awareness. We are all part of a deeper and bigger system and all of us are inter-connected. We do not just know this on a shallow basis, but we see this deeply, in the events and lifestyle and actions we take on a day.