Extroverted iNtuition (The Detective)


What is Extroverted iNtuition (The Detective)?

Extroverted iNtuition is what allow us to read and predict patterns and to see and imagine what the world can be. With Extroverted iNtuition, we can imagine how different conversations may play out, or read chains of events as they happen. Thanks to this function, we can also spot clues to what is really going on or predict subtle events in our environment. 

When Extroverted iNtuition is your flow function, you are a detective connecting patterns and figuring out issues, using your mind. You like to think about what is happening around you and to connect it to other things that you have experienced. You think creatively about what you can do to adjust or change a situation for the better.

You feel confident in your ability to spot opportunities and make changes to better your situation. At times, however, you can feel like the details never match up and something is always out of place. It can happen that you find yourself complaining about all the small things that are off. You have great ideas but it drains you to think about how you are going to get everything in your life together. Often, you find yourself trapped in a boring routine.

Extroverted iNtuition, The Seeker, Extroverted iNtuitive, ENFP Extroverted iNtuition, ENTP Extroverted iNtuition, MBTI Extroverted iNtuition

Nicknames: The Seeker, The Detective, The Explorer
Found in flow types: ENFP, ENFJ, ENTP, ENTJ
Dominant function in: ENFPs, ENTPs, INTJs and INFJs
Cognitive function: Extroverted iNtuition (Ne)
Patterns Intelligence

The Seeker

When Extroverted iNtuition is one of your core personality traits in flow your behaviour is best described as free-spirited, explorative, and curious. You're active, but you hate drawing attention to yourself and your actions. You need privacy and space to try new things without other people watching you.

If you don't get time to yourself, you can feel trapped and you often feel stuck in a role around other people. When Ne is a source of flow, we can't help but speak our mind and try new things. But because Introverted Sensing is an anxiety to Ne, there can be a fear of appearing crazy. Maybe you said too much, or maybe you did something other people found stupid?

Ne can best be described as your ability to observe the world with an active rather than passive imagination in which ideas are constantly unfolding and patterns are constantly being connected. The world you see before you is a world of ideas and potential being realised. Or at its worst, the world is missed potential, wasted opportunity, and connections made too slowly. You can have a frustration with other people for not getting it fast enough, or for not being able to keep up with your mind. You can feel frustrated with things when they become too predictable. What can you do to bring your ideas to fruition, and what if nothing changes and things stay the same forever?

Extroverted Sensing is a difficult obstacle for you. The real world never matches your expectations. The things you see in your mind are way more interesting than the actual experience in itself. Is there even a point to doing anything? It's all going to be a disappointment in the end, anyways. What Ne craves fundamentally is something that is deeply existential. If things don't have depth, they are ultimately going to be disappointing. Ne is ideally the seeker that discovers the hidden world or the secret of everything.

What is Extroverted iNtuition?

Definition: Extroverted iNtuition refers to our ability to spot patterns and connections that we imagine to exist around us. 

Extroverted iNtuition is patterns intelligence and when we develop this function, we become better at reading patterns accurately and consistently. Extroverted iNtuition is developed when we consciously note down the patterns and predictions we make about a situation, what clues do we have, how do they connect, where do they lead?

Metaphorically, to the extroverted iNtuitive, the world is full of threads and patterns and there is a hidden connection or relationship between everything. Another important part of Extroverted iNtuition is forming a strong hypothesis. If A, then B. C always leads to D. In a sense, it can also be described as laying a puzzle, seeing which puzzles connect.

It is important for the Extroverted iNtuitive to feel everything fits together. If we put the wrong pieces together, the puzzle as a whole will not add up. So to the extroverted iNtuitive, there is a certain, convenient, easy way to make everything line up. If things do not line up or connect smoothly, extroverted iNtuition will typically dismiss it and find a better way. 

It is important then to know that Extroverted iNtuition is about transformation of information, or transforming our environment to make it line up the way we have imagined. There can be a level of disappointment and frustration with how things do not add up and how there is a discrepancy between how you saw it done in your head and how it came to play out in reality, especially if you are an unusually romantic extroverted iNtuitive. But the focus must be on finding ways to bridge between your imagination and the external world and to find ways that will connect to how you intuitively want things to be. 

Developing Extroverted iNtuition

As an extroverted iNtuitive, your primary source of development comes from confronting your core anxiety: being trapped. Endless, mundane reptition. Endless, mundane repitition. And endless, mundane repitition. You get the picture. Your fears from the past. Your old baggage. Past mistakes. Your knowledge of who you have been in the past and your disappointments of old. Don't let those things keep you from making a change in your life.

Ne is an archetype of opportunity and potential and novelty and it is a force of transformation that will turn this world into a new world. It is a searching and sweeping force that goes over everything, every single piece of information it can get its hands on, seeking to bring about or find this hidden truth. This hidden truth will only be made clear through connecting all the patterns as a spiderweb of life. Ultimately, your hero's journey is laying out that spider web and laying out all potential on the floor and making all your dreams become realised in the world around you.

Core aspects of development is found in confronting your demon: disappointment. Things may never be the way you foresaw it, but that does not mean it will be bad either. There is something very fascinating in seeing what things will become and in recognising that you don't know everything.

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