Extroverted Thinking – Mathematical Intelligence

Extroverted Thinking basically translates to our ability to think about the mechanics and events that happen around us. We can through extroverted thinking count and study what is happening in objective and pragmatic terms. We learn actions have consequences and what consequences come from which actions. 

In practice, it is like a mathematical intelligence. It helps us think statistically about things and to see the numbers in life, who does what, and who does the best at a thing. 

Nickname: The Director
Found in flow types: ENTJ, ESTJ, ENTP, ESTP
Cognitive function: Extroverted Thinking
Primary domain: The Business
Mathematical Intelligence
Body language: Fixed and tense cheeks
Key terms: Strong, Capable, Ready, Resourceful, Pragmatic

The Director Type

The Extroverted Thinking type is like a director. They tend to speak openly and frankly about things, expressing things in a manner that is direct and easy to understand. They like to make things clear and easy to understand and to translate their feelings to regular facts of life, such as issues at work, in careers, or dynamics in relationships.

Their goal is to understand power and power relationships. As a Director, you are typically business minded, and like to think in terms of gains and losses. You look at life based on a what-works approach, and you choose the route that is the most practical and effective to solve a problem.

Your key wrestle is with Introverted Feeling. It can be difficult for you to be personal and to show people who you are and to talk about your identity and why you do what you do. It can also be difficult for you to deal with people who have a strong sense of identity and refuse to go along with practical agreements, even when given strong incentives to do so.