Feeling Perceiving – The Ethical Intelligence

As a Feeling Perceiving type, you can feel strongly in a situation what is the right or wrong thing to say or do. Your goal is honesty in actions and behavior. You want to know you did the right thing and acted in a way that was true to your feelings. In practice, this translates to a strong sense of ethics and right and wrong. Your first hand priority is on yours and others feelings. 

The Feeling Perceiving type has the highest Ethical Intelligence. This intelligence translates to having a strong and nuanced idea of what is right and wrong. Rather than being moral or basing itself on some general criteria, Feeling Perceiving types tend to be good listeners and tend to see in the situation how to act to restore ethics in a situation. 

Nickname: The Reporter
Found in flow types: ISFP, ESFP, INFP, ENFP
Cognitive function: Feeling Perceiving
Primary domain: The Right
Ethical Intelligence
Body language: The Listener Expression
Key terms: Integrity, Ethics, Considerate, Listening, Honesty, Modesty, Natural, Authentic, Character

The Reporter Type

Core value: Honesty

The Reporter is a type who in flow can access and use Feeling Perceiving. They get motivation and a sense of purpose in saying the right thing and making their situation better. The Feeling Perceiving type aspires to be good and honest. The importance is to do something that feels natural and that feels true to ones self and who you feel you are.

So as a Feeling Perceiving type, what you are searching for is to first get to know yourself better, who you are, what you feel, what you want. You then want to be able to communicate and express and act with integrity in tune with who you are.

The primary struggle for the Feeling Perceiving type is dealing with when people will not express how they feel or say what they want. If people can’t be honest with you or if they hold back or play games or fall back on strategy, this can cause you to feel stress and a lack of motivation. The Feeling Perceiving type wants to act in a way that is true to feelings. Other people may have thoughts and ideas about what you should do or what is smart in a situation, but you want to follow your own heart and your own feelings, and it can feel wrong to have to set this aside for the sake of systems and plans.