Feeling Perceiving – The Ethical Intelligence

As a Feeling Perceiving type you tend to have a strong sense of identity and who you are. You are an individualist, and someone with their own personality and values. Feeling Perceiving forms those values in response to the values and beliefs of their community, seeking to find an authentic and honest lifestyle that fits with who you are.

You want to be real and to be yourself around others. This includes speaking your mind, saying what you feel, and reflecting on what you happen to be thinking in a specific moment. You pride yourself in this, on being able to stay true to yourself and to do what you feel is right, even if it sometimes will put you at odds with others. The fear you have though, is that you are judged or that other people look down on you. This shame over how you are perceived can cause you to become more negative and judgemental towards others. (Tj-)

Nickname: The Artist, The Natural, The Person
Found in flow types: ISFP, ESFP, INFP, ENFP
Cognitive function: Feeling Perceiving
Ethical Intelligence
Key terms: Integrity, Ethics, Considerate, Listening, Honesty, Natural, Authentic, Character

The Individualist

The Reporter is a type who in flow can access and use Feeling Perceiving. They get motivation and a sense of purpose in saying the right thing and making their situation better. The Feeling Perceiving type aspires to be good and honest. The importance is to do something that feels natural and that feels true to ones self and who you feel you are.

In stress, though, you can become taken over by work, pushing yourself too hard to be useful and productive to others. You’ll find yourself trying to outperform everyone and you’ll fear that you are wasting time. You’ll stick too hard to the rules, because you’re afraid that you’ll lose your position otherwise. (Tj-)

Another bad habit is wanting to constantly be the best. What you keep running into is “who you are” is simply not good enough. Other people, with a different personality are always better. You’re always told to change this, fix that, and to be someone else to get ahead. But you want to stay true to yourself. So avoid getting those doubts in your head. And on the other side of the coin – avoid developing a “better than thou” attitude and avoid the idea that you are somehow more special than others. (Tp/)

Most of all, recognize your deep need for supportive friendship and for people that accept you and appreciate you the way you are. (Fj+) Find people who enjoy your natural qualities rather than people that constantly try to hammer you with advice and critical feedback. Or at least, keep those friends around in lower doses. The more judged you feel, the more difficult it will be for you to relax and be yourself around others. It makes sense then, that some Fps will feel attracted to feeling rare or special in the sense of being better than others.

Feeling Perceiving – The Intropersonal Intelligence

Feeling Perceiving roughly translates to intropersonal intelligence and your base self-awareness. How well do you truly know yourself and what you want in life? What do you actually want? Who are you really? Those are difficult questions that require you to really think and get deeper and to get to know yourself. Constantly interview yourself and also take your time to get to know others.

What do other people want and what do you want? What kind of things do you like and what do you dislike? Sometimes you’re going to have to go out and try things out for yourself to know for sure. You can have an idea in your mind about something, but how does it really feel when you try it out for yourself? Remember, sometimes it can take time. Something may be difficult at first but may become more fun later on. Something may start out fun, but may become boring over time.

Feeling Perceiving has an adaptable and chaotic nature. It seeks to be natural and to just be itself but it is often misunderstood by others. You struggle with relationships where you have to compromise and adjust to the needs of others. You need people in your life to feel happy, but you don’t want to adjust to others. Feeling Perceiving needs plenty of assurance and support from others.

Otherwise, you can feel you are not appreciated or welcome in a group, and you may start to distance yourself from others. Or you may start to turn on other people, before they turn on you. The rejection you fear that you will face for being yourself, becomes easily turned at other people. You can start to worry that you are disliked or judged by others, and because of it, you will start to judge other people. Attack here becomes a way to protect yourself. But self development will teach you it is important to set that shame aside.

Feeling Perceiving As The Dominant Function

Regardless of your personality type, Feeling Perceiving can be a dominant source of pride, shame, or jealousy you experience or think of every day. We can all sometimes worry about our self and how we are perceived by others. Feeling Perceiving, when it is your dominant function, becomes a constant concern with yourself and your identity. Who am I? What do I want? What do I like and dislike? This function gets us to truly listen to ourselves and to become self-aware in the deepest sense – aware of everything about us, our core flaws, worries, how we dress, how we act.

In some types, it is a secondary rather than primary concern. When Feeling Perceiving is your auxiliary, it represents something you are always striving towards. You want to have a good personality and to act in a way that is true to yourself and will try your hardest to show personal integrity. There will be times when your character fails, and you’re not always proud over that. It can be because you care too much about others, and you sometimes end up bending the truth for them.

In other types, it is the third, rather than primary or secondary concern. While you value being true to yourself, there will be situations where you think it’s better to be smart about things. If you can smile a bit or adjust to the situation, you can get a benefit you wouldn’t get if you dealt with things normally. Fake it til you make it, that’s a quote that resonates with you.

In some situations, you may find it very difficult to be yourself around others. You’ll feel many times that you have to be serious and business oriented at all times. Every situation is about maximizing career goals or achieving some kind of strategic value. Connections and friendships are mainly formal and it’s hard for you to let loose and relax around others. You may even be afraid to be yourself, because what if people would judge you for it?