Flow type

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The flow type is different from the personality type in the sense that the flow type reflects who you are when you are in an actualised, ideal state. I believe everyone has an ideal state, in which they act in accordance with their core values. When in this state, we feel balanced, calm, motivated, and full of energy. This flow state is often different from our normal state. We have all been taught a normal way to function. Being like this, can make us stressed, tired, and can require hard work. Yet we can still identify highly with being like this. We can say we are outgoing, even though it exhausts us.

Gender and cultural norms can cause us to see ourselves in a way that is directly opposed to how we would ideally be. We may for example force ourselves to be more supportive and nurturing instead of following our personal ambitions or doing things we enjoy. The flow type is meant to get you thinking about how you want to be and what you could do to feel less stress and to be more happy and fulfilled. Emotionally, we should all be striving to be satisfied, happy, excited, and to feel good and confident about ourselves and who we are. That’s why I talk about flow type. If you only want to know who you are at this present moment, a Big 5 test may be more apt for you.