May 22, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About ENFPs And ENTPs

In this post, we discuss common questions I get about ENFPs and ENTPs. I hope this article can help you decide if you are an ENFP or ENTP, otherwise, just send me a message or leave a comment down below!

Frequently Asked Questions About ENFPs And ENTPs

Are ENTPs Smarter Than ENFPs?

No, but ENTPs are more analytical and think more critically about ideas. ENFPs can entertain ideas ENTPs consider unrealistic, and ENTPs get more caught up in the how, where ENFPs are more interested in the what.

Are ENFPs More Empathetic Than ENTPs?

No, but ENFPs have a softer personality and tend to come off as more humble and sweet, making them more likeable. ENTPs are actually better at people-skills and presentation and often predict human behaviour better.

Are ENTPs Colder than ENFPs?

Yes, ENTPs can detach from their emotions more easily and approach their feelings more logically, as problems to be solved. Still, ENTPs have emotions just as we all do. ENTPs can find it hard to trust their own feelings, where ENFPs are more secure in their feelings.

Are ENFPs More Ambitious Than ENTPs?

ENFPs are more reliant on Extroverted Thinking making them more execution oriented. ENFPs tend to implement their ideas quicker than ENTPs, where ENTPs take a more analytical, step by step oriented approach, sometimes misunderstood as lazy. That said, ENFPs are not oriented by money or achievement to a high degree, and in that way, ENTPs are more ambitious.

Are ENFPs More Fickle Than ENTPs?

ENFPs tend to talk faster and their intuitive process is more quick than the ENTP approach. ENFPs are more emotionally aware and make decisions on their gut more easily. They also spend less time giving feedback on their own process or analysing their own actions. This can make the ENFP appear more fickle.

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