The Hero Archetype

The Hero Archetype represents boldness, dominance, and confidence in ourselves and what we do. Hero’s radiate pride, joy, satisfaction and courage in what they do. Their outward image is one of strength and unwavering trust and hope. Still, a person with such an outward image may not be perfect.

They may be struggling with repressed or hidden fears and insecurities. Doubt, uncertainty, and feelings of fear and dread may be hidden within the anima/animus of the type. The Hero decides to, despite this, push forward and to show strength. Often, they will try to hide or cover up negative feelings they may have, deciding to show courage even if they are fearful.

Still, if the negative feelings become too difficult, the hero can feel broken or damaged. If there are too many disappointments, the tidal wave of the hero may transform them into a fallen knight, a dark, bleak hopeless version of themselves.