How To Know If You Are INFJ In Five Steps

Are you an INFJ, the Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging Type? The INFJ 'Philosopher' is an enigmatic, existentially minded type focused on realising the one big idea or goal in their life In this article, I will show you som articles and resources you can use to find out if you're an INFJ or not So how to know if you are INFJ? A lot of people struggle with INFJ doubt There are lots of mistyped INFJ out there Some descriptions online are just too general and vague, making everyone want to identify with this personality type

Discover my five step approach to figure out if you are an INFJ or not

No type is an ambivert. Common misconception! Introverts spend a lot of time just in their own headspace, while extroverts prefer interacting with outside stimuli and feel uncomfortable doing nothing. When I say uncomfortable I mean genuinely need an outside thing to interact with it's an entirely different sort of cognition. This is just the "most extraverted introvert" stereotype to make the type relatable to many. It's a myth.

  • It's possible your are an ENFJ. This idea of specific goal or static goal that causes obsession is Ni divergent. INFJs have most flexibility within the area of Ni, and it is flowing and highly flexible. If you are someone who works towards one goal rather than it being this kind of ebb and flow of intellect you are not infj. This kind of feeling of going into this gaping hole that you describe could be your lack of Si, which causes this ethereal feeling when you are in an introverted state. Your Ni is divergent, and your Fe is dominant, which makes perfect sense since you say that you are most responsible for social order. Infjs aren't known only for looking to humanitarian goals but Ni is so normal to them they won't be seeing it as this kind of fixed concept. You don't seem to describe yourself as someone who uses cold detached cognitive empathy, but someone whose first way of relating is directly to social order. I do understand sometimes people go by certain personas on YouTube to get a certain feedback, but you seem to be soft. Much less cold than infj for sure.

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