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How To Know If You Are INFJ In Five Steps

Written by Erik Thor @ErikThor_
I write articles and make videos about people without stereotypes. What's your personality type?
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<a href='https://www.erikthor.com/how-to-know-if-you-are-infj/'>How To Know If You Are INFJ In Five Steps</a>

Are you an INFJ, the Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging Type? The INFJ 'Philosopher' is an enigmatic, existentially minded type focused on realising the one big idea or goal in their life. In this article, I will show you som articles and resources you can use to find out if you're an INFJ or not. So how to know if you are INFJ? A lot of people struggle with INFJ doubt. There are lots of mistyped INFJ out there. Some descriptions online are just too general and vague, making everyone want to identify with this personality type.

Discover my five step approach to figure out if you are an INFJ or not.

How To Know If You're INFJ

  1. Check if you have Introverted iNtuition as your dominant function

    Introverted iNtuition , or 'The One Big Idea' is the driving process of an INFJ. When dominant, this function can give you an almost obsessive like focus on a singular goal or specific project. You will value this idea above any other opportunities that come along on the way. For you, realising this idea is your primary idea of having fun. You move towards your long-term goal with confidence and unwavering resolve. If you consider yourself more creative or open-minded, you might have Extroverted iNtuition instead.

  2. See if you are an Introvert or Extrovert

    If you're an INFJ, you're most likely an ambivert. You're self-controlled and even-tempered. You can be outgoing and can take initiative in social settings, but you can find external input to be draining or stressful to manage over time. You are a proactive type and your idea or project can drive you to go out in the world. If you think you're more introverted, consider the possibility that you may be an INFP. INFPs and INTPs are more withdrawn or reserved than INFJs.

  3. Check if you're an iNtuitive or Sensor

    How to know if you are INFJ? INFJs are not just iNtuitives but also dominant iNtuitives. For you, the process of realising an idea or driving a specific process of transformation is more important than anything else. As an iNtuitive, people may find you to be impractical and overly complicated at times. You're inclined to doubt yourself and everything you hear. You seek an original approach and resist norms and traditions. If you don't identify with this, consider that you might be an ISFJ. ISFJs are more consistent and dependable than INFJs.

  4. Consider if you are a Feeling or Thinking type

    As an INFJ, you're probably a bit of both. INFJs are people that tend to be highly analytical people. They can be very talented in technical subjects and science, but their core focus is always to use their talents in order to help people. As an INFJ, some may think of you as cold. I've found that INFJs are more focused on communicating their ideas to people. INFJs are people-pleasers that are often thinking about other's needs, albeit in a critical and detached manner. If you're very sure that you are a Feeling type, consider that you might be an ENFJ or another Feeling dominant. ENFJs are more passionate and warm people.

  5. See if you are a Judging or Perceiving type

    INFJs are highly self-controlled individuals that live by a tight system of ethics. You need focus and value self-discipline. You can easily become stuck as you sometimes avoid seeking new perspectives and alternative viewpoints. If you're an INFJ, you set and work hard to reach your goals. If you consider yourself to be more adaptable or free-spirited, consider being an INFP a possibility. INFPs are people that can show discipline when necessary, but are also comfortable with improvisation.

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INFJ Mistyped as INFP?

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How did you know that you were an INFJ?

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