INFJ Self Love - How To Love Yourself as an INFJ

INFJs are paradoxically types that tend to have a high self-confidence and a low self-esteem Many INFJs carry a kind of Messiah-complex There can be an urge to want to save other people, and the world, and wanting to have an almost god-like influence in the lives of other people, eradicating all war, creating peace, and harmony on earth Have you ever found yourself wanting to rescue a friend or family member from hardship?

At the same time, there can be a chronic feeling that you are never enough - never strong enough, never capable enough, to achieve all that you want to do for the world, leading to constant self-criticism You feel shame that you are not good enough to fix the problems faced by friends and family members, and so, you are hard on yourself

It is (...)

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One comment on “INFJ Self Love - How To Love Yourself as an INFJ”

Erik Thor

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