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Eight Steps To Individuation

There are 8 steps you need to take to individuate yourself properly.

Let's go!

If there is a self, there is an oppositional self. If there is an oppositional self, there are intermediary forces to balance the self and the oppositional self. If there are intermediary forces, there must be relationships between each of these forces. If there are relationships or paths between these processes, there must be a general narrative. If there is a general narrative, there must be an oppositional narrative. This too, supposes the existence of intermediary narratives, and relationships between all these narratives. And that supposes a meta-narrative, in which all narratives coexist. And we are blind to the world - to the self - and to life, if we cannot understand this.

Carl Jung Individuation

The self: Dominant Function

Oppositional Self: Inferior Function

Aux: Auxiliary Function

Ter: Tertiary Function

Prevailing narrative: 5th Function

Oppositional narrative: 8th Function

Aspirational Narrative/Utopia: 6th Function

Regressive Narrative/Dystopia: 7th Function

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