INFJ (Empath) Personality Type (INFJ A & INFJ T)


INFJ Personality traits

IntroversionThe HealerYou are withdrawn and focused on the inner world and on preservation. People describe you as calming and relaxing to be around.
iNtuitionThe MagicianYou are creative and imaginative. People find you perplexing and unusual. You are original and new-thinking.
2nd FeelingThe AchieverYou are often concerned with your success and status. You want to impress other people with your talents and abilities.
2nd JudgingThe MediatorYou seek balance and harmony with the world. You work hard to maintain an energy of zen and peace inside and outside.

What is an INFJ Empath and are you an INFJ? To find out, first ask yourself this:

  • Do you have an intense desire to come up with theories and explanations about how the universe works?
  • Do you feel a need to communicate and help your community understand abstract concepts and ideas?
  • Have you got a desire to create a more humanitarian and peaceful world?

These are all qualities of the INFJ Personality type, no matter if you are an INFJ A or INFJ T subtype.

MEET THE INFJ Guru Personality Type


Who are the INFJ personality types? Most importantly, Gurus are Philosophers (Introverted iNtuition) types who see it as their mission to communicate abstract ideas to the tribe. This is because of the influence of the Diplomat archetype (Extroverted Feeling) 

What are Gurus like? INFJs have a strong Scientist archetype (Introverted Thinking) and tend to be highly logical and have high success in technical fields, as problem-solvers who rely on their intellect to solve humanitarian issues. INFJs may have a cold, impersonal style, but are actually quite warm-hearted. You will find that INFJ flow often comes with an intense focus on the needs of others.

Lastly, because of their inferior Adventurer archetype (Extroverted Sensing) they are known to live much of their life in their heads. They may have attention-related issues and can often be absent-minded.

The INFJ Flow State (INFJ A)


Firstly, Gurus should primarily seek to answer and do their best to solve the existential struggles that face us all as humans. You have a particular knack for finding hope and inspiration in philosophical thought

Secondly, if you are able to channel your ideas into a project or a key vision. If you can focus primarily on understanding humanitarian issues and the emotional struggles people have. Lastly, if you can work to communicate effectively with other people, that will take you on the path to the Guru in a flow state.

However, in a flow state, it is easy to develop a sense of tunnel vision. INFJs may get lost in increased abstraction, theory, and self-reflection. While in the INFJ flow state, you can forget about practical demands and goals.

The INFJ Under Stress (INFJ T)


Let us talk about the stressors. As a Guru, stress can cause you to act recklessly. You may lose your characteristic focus and calm and give in to brash words and feelings in the heat of the moment. It is important that you do not let yourself be overwhelmed by day to day drama. Your stressors include: being outside, being spontaneous, improvising a solution, standing up and talking about something on the spot, and being on stage in front of a group.

Therefore, try to actively center yourself and find focus in small moments of careful thought and self-reflection. Tune out from negative or stressful news sources while actively doing your best to stay present in the lives of other people, especially those that you care about. What advise can I give the Guru personality type to manage stress better?

Most importantly, do not hide in a world of books and theories. Actively go out on adventures and quests in the real world. Especially seek out a mission that will take you further into realising ideas that interest you. If it can help other people, that is even better.


What is an INFJ and where can you learn more about the INFJ personality type? Check out this video I made on INFJ Body language.

Watch my INFJ video
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