INFJ Empathy | Why INFJs Can Become People-Pleasers

YOUTUBE VIDEO | INFJ Empathy | Because of Extroverted Feeling, INFJs can become people-pleasers But how does it work?

Check out my latest video on INFJ Empathy | Why INFJs Can Become People Pleasers


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20 comments on “INFJ Empathy | Why INFJs Can Become People-Pleasers”

  1. Also being yourself and dwelling in only negative emotions is from fear of being yourself

    Usually you forget a repressed part of your personality, usually out of extreme fear of rejection. And then the next life you don't have the memory so you don't actually know you're subconsciously pushing something out of your psyche. And then you don't know what's causing the turbulence, but it's actually fear of yourself. Like forever i thought I had something inherently wrong with me, like naturally turmoilous. Im horridly self critical but only of this tiny part of the ego I'm aware of, which was filled with this internal battle of self hatred. And then you identify with this extremely small vigorous internal battle lol. Usually typhon has conscientiousness (which is where the fi typing comes from), try to reel in own immorality, trying to battle with the good/bad parts of people, feel sad but idealistic about people. hoping that the bad things people do are coming from a good place. (Which is where the fi stereotype of defending and pitying the bad guys comes from imo). Most aren't as bad as me when it comes to this (ie most are functional, I have weekly explosions based on containing whatever ego issues I have haha (typhon is this insistent pressure that suddenly comes out, and I'm someone whose super contained and quiet in general), even though with covid I don't have to go to school I still have no external triggers but I still have the same turmoil

  2. I thought you made the video directly because of my comment.... and everything you said was because you thought your friends were mistyped. and it was a kinda angry expose that they're technically sensors and fe blind and you didn't like them. I thought all the things you were saying about emotions was directly about my comment, and this just shows how small and self centred your worldview can get -.- and I was scared more about my persona than just being normal.

    That's why I got angry and made those passive agressive comments. Then rewatxhed it and realised it's all talking about yourself and then apologised but didn't state why because the reason was too um cringey


    1. Hey Halpp, I am sorry I have never responded to or read any of your comments. This may sound harsh, but I have no idea who you are and have never thought about you before this point. I receive many comments and am unfortunately not able to read all of them. Still, you have a right to feel as you want to feel about my videos. Trust and be mindful of your process and how you experience what you read and see. Thank you for enjoying my work and don't worry, we all get a little self-absorbed at times!

  3. what people think is fi is like turbulence, it isnt a learned thing i literally had said turmoil it since birth with 0 external influence šŸ™
    kurt cobain, heath ledger, princess diana all have typhon, i literally became obsessed with mental illnesses at like 10 primarily because i empathised with them and my own issues,and became obsessed with people with psychological issues.
    the entire school avoids me due to how i appear. i feel this horrific stormy thing and its like self attacking, ie drowning someone, and basicall since i was about 2 iwould be aware that i had a problem and try to find a root problem for it...i have this fear of being an inherently evil person, but i think its because im suppressing my shadow...all these emotions come from that.

  4. interesting thing search up typhon in astrology:

    I have them in many of my main planets, the sun, moon, mercury, etc which I believe caused this particular problem. a lot of very anguished people have it.

  5. Will you please delete the comment, its super embarrassing. I feel like you arent deleting it because you're kind of annoyed, and are like consequences of your actions etc. I sent it because it because I was trying to pretend i was angry for a different reason but i was angry at all the lies about that i can constrain my personality into this when i am what i am, theres no reason for the 'turmoil' or anything, ive tried for years to get rid of it, and when i find out that its all a hoax, theres no actual method or 'development tool' that can get me out of it, and i was this pathetic creature hanging onto this image and i found out i have to start from scratch again building my persona i got really nihilistic and frustrated. because the mbti was helping me constrain this kind of anguish, into a way i could properly interact with people and down and not be at the beck and call of my constant mood shifts, into a persona

    i think in particular because harry murrell hasnt been sending videos for a LONG TIME, which im kind of worried he might have seen it can you plss delete the comment

  6. ill tell you why i sent the comment, i sent the comment cos i took the mbti to kind of constrain my personality i was like mbti will give me a way to define this unstoppable internal turmoil, this kind of inescapable thing that ive always had (i think its astrological actually), constantly changing personas, into something i can put into a neat box, so i can predict it, and i can block our the stormyness :(( ibut then i find i cant change it and ill alwys be that way
    so i was like eff it and sent this kind of cringey comment to kind of break all of it while trying to hang onto a persona and im super sorry it was self seving and inconsiderate. im just saying because i wasnt trying to be an hole.
    also another thing is i dont want harry murrel (from cognitive personality theory) to see it becasue he could take it horribly and it could be turmoilous (if thats a word). he wants connection (not really the truth) and he feel like he wont get it. im selfsih for posting that

  7. Just posting (again) cos you look kinda sad in your recent video? YOURE DOING SO MUCH TO CHANGE PEOPLE šŸ˜® also youre so sweet :O

    (sorry if this looks kinda creepy) My behaviour was HORRIFIC, also self serving. I have no right to dictate what type you are btw, also you're clearly someone who's trying to make a big change in people and I'm jealous of it maybe?

  8. Hi I'm the person who started that shitshow in your comments section from my dumb assumptions cos i was being self serving + misinterpreted things. you made the whole video on mistypes cos of that. (i think)

    pls ignore all the rude comments on this, feel like i provoked youre really nice and clearly an infj -.-

    (is apology you dont have to post it lol)

  9. I have multiple issues with narcissistic personalities. They seek out givers and I swear Iā€™m a magnet. Iā€™m working on making boundaries and clarifying issues in a straightforward manner at this point with multiple people.

    He acted like a very nice and charismatic guy. I didn't know it at the time, but he used to steal expensive clothes and give them to me. He also did a lot of other crazy stuff, but never against me. I have now cut contact with him, because I think he might do something really horrible someday, and I don't want to know him when that happens.

  10. As someone who is consdierate to thers I have been continuously been blindsided by falsehood, particularly certain manipulative and racist SJWs. These types of people outsource their knowledge to others and make a reaction based on it. In this case people who are SJWs and react based on what will make them look good, what society will tell them andnothing else

    Psychopaths cannot feel, but can mimic emotion, making them masters of deception

    Psychopaths can pass any lie detector due to their lack of the ability to feel meaning that they will not show any ticks or heartrate changes or any giveaways that they are lieing

    Psychopaths are very self centered/narsasistic because they don't care what happens to other people

    Psychopaths are tone deaf to morality because they're unable to feel anything towards others

  11. being an infj and lacking sufficient Te can be very difficult LOL. most people at school are liike drones. the they care more about quick learning. its the function that everyone uses to skip and get a headstart on others. needing to understasnd how it works is infj menace

  12. This has been a problem in my life as infj. I often work at the service of the group and need others to like me everything depends on this.

  13. (you dont have to post this btw)

    i mean you could be. people of the same types might have different manifestations. like completely different. akhromant typed jk rowling as fi ni (obviously you cant be sure but she definitely could be a judging type). nicole kidman is apparently fi ni and shes always typed as an fiSe lol.

    and ne fe types do the possibility things mainly with people so theyre not as jumpy as ne te whose about everything mechanical. keanu reeves is typed as ne fe
    by akhromant (again cant be sure if ist correct), clearly isnt tony stark. if he can be ne fe then maybe you can be.

    (also can you plsss delete my original comment on the blog, but keep up the linkkkk).

  14. okay MAN IM SORRY ill stop spamming your comments section with that blog and my dumb opinions about your type I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING AND WHY I KEPT PUSHING DUDE IM SORRY I WAS RUDE AS POOP AND A TOTAL SCHMUCK who should mind hi own business I SHOULD STOP SHOVING A DUMB TYPE DOWN YOUR THROAT WHICH YOU DONT THINK YOU ARE I AM AN AWHOLE EXTRAOODINAIRETASTIC PLS DONT HATE ME. i honestly dont know that much about which type maps to which, i just thought and run my mouth off :.[ pls delete my DUMBDUMB theories im a NIMPKUMPOOP POOP

    im a froob. ;( i love your site erik x I APOLOGISEEE I LLOVE YOUUUU YOU YOU ARE SO FRICKING ADOR

    1. I am familiar with Akhromants work and I know he types me as an ENFP. I have considered it but I always relate more to Introverted iNtuition than Extroverted iNtuition. However, as I have gotten older, and with the help of ENFPs and ENTPs, I have learnt to challenge myself to have an open mind and to consider alternative possibilities. What convinced me was that I can so easily focus on a task or activity without losing track. I stick on a course for years. I am a slow starter and people can tell me to try something, but often, it takes me a long time before I am able to consciously pick it up.

    2. That said, I have a similar approach to him. For many years, I worked with types exactly the way he did, even before he started his tumblr. I however chose to stop doing it and to instead incorporate that model within the old cognitive function model, instead of creating a completely new way to organise the functions.

  15. Also wait if you read the blog then you should know you are Ne Fe (since you have conscious Fe). Not Ni dominant. You can't have "conscious Fe" (which means responsibility of the function) if you don't have an extroverted dominant function. You should start informing the people you are talking about Ne Fe, not Ni Fe which doesnt exist. Because this is not true for Ni Ti.

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