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The average INFJ has strong iNtuition and lower than average assertiveness.

INFJs are people who are trying to make the world a better place through existential discovery. You work through the process of realising an idea or a vision in the world. In order to achieve this, they go against conventional ideas and norms in their society. INFJs find themselves challenging the way people see and understand the world today.

And the only thing that is holding this type back from becoming a thought leader is this feeling that they’ve missed something. You think you missed a data point, an important piece. You feel that you need to look a bit harder before you will put your ideas out there.

INFJs strive to set a good example and to be an ideal for other people to follow. In order to do this, they are constantly working on and improving themselves, seeing themselves as a permanent work in progress.

Beneath the perfect surface, this type can struggle with feelings of inadequacy, and if these feelings increase. You can feel a need to disconnect from people and relationships so that you can focus on improving or correcting your perceived faults.

Discover the INFJ

I have found that INFJs are types that need to be constantly challenged to go to new places and to learn new things. These types need a steady stream of novelty and change in order to provoke and stimulate their minds. New ideas and the right questions can help them overcome mental blocks and resolve difficult questions.

INFJs need and find recreation in introspective pursuits. Self-expression, carefree creativity, and personal exploration is how you recharge and have fun. Find outlets to express yourself and your feelings.

If you find yourself stressed by outer pressure, work, and if you are stressing about your numbers and your performance, take a break and spend some fun time with yourself. It will help you center.

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You work hard to improve on and better yourself in order to realise your ideas and values in the world around you. INFJs believe that they can help friends, family members and the community at large.

They try to do so through coming up with ideas and theories that give perspective and understanding. You can often become overwhelmed by the real world and everything that is happening around you.

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