INFJ Handbook

I published a 50+ page e-book on the wise, kind, idealistic, private, independent personality types known as INFJs. This INFJ handbook explores common issues, struggles, and drives.

The INFJ Handbook explores common enneagrams and traumas and how they affect INFJs in particular. It argues the importance of remaining true to your core values.

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Wise, kind, idealistic, private & independent leaders

Can you remain true to the big picture as a leader? Can you balance your idealism with your high sense of personal responsibility and your need for control? Can you remain kind in a world that is sometimes hard and challenging? Can you stand up for your values as a sensitive individual in toxic and difficult environments? Your life depends on your ability to remain true to yourself.

Your ability to thrive and to feel happy hinges on your ability to act in accordance with what you need to be happy. When you fail, or when your environment does not allow you to succeed, you struggle. So beyond talking about what INFJs need to do, we need to also talk about how the world needs to change, and our environments need to change for us all to be happier and more healthy.

Become more outgoing, open-minded, conscientious, agreeable and stable

When you overcome challenges and hardships and raise beyond negative experiences and become more true to yourself, you will also find yourself becoming more outgoing, more open-minded, more conscientious, more agreeable, and more emotionally stable. I believe as an INFJ, that you can find new love to learn, and an ability to consider bigger questions, and deeper nuances.

An outgoingness that allows us to go out in the world and to express the truths we see, and the wisdom we possess. An ability to work together with others with a sense of optimism and trust. And a stronger conscience and a desire to stand up for what is right. Become less neurotic, and more emotionally stable by working to create an environment and a support system that verifies everything that is great about you.

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