INFJ Microexpressions

Explore the common INFJ microexpressions and learn about what they say about your type or your current mood or feelings. If you find yourself doing any of these particular ones often, that might suggest what enneagram type you have!

The Plotting Diplomat

INFJ Nat Wolff showcasing the INFJ Diplomatic Visionary base expression generally associated with Enneagram 8. The cheeks of an INFJ are usually emotionless, giving them an expression sometimes described as intense, strong, pragmatic or intimidating.

Gotye showcasing the INFJ Visionary Philosopher Gaze (7 – The Explorer), with an otherwise expressionless face. Notice that INFJ eyes often appear to be asking “Why” – and notice that the INFJs brows tend to be tense.

INFJ Jane Goodall demonstrating the classic INFJ Investigator Gaze (5) (Cunning – Deflecting smile) – I sometimes call this “The Million Dollar Smile.”

Auung San Suu Kyi (INFJ) demonstrating the INFJ-2 pose “The Diplomatic Counsellor” – notice the pulled out chin and the emotion coming out from within. The eyes are fluid and intuitive. INFJs can also look quite strong and tough when necessary.

The upper lips of an INFJ are warm, relaxed, charming and comfortable. The muscles around the eyes are focused but the eyes never lock on to anything in specific, giving them a more cunning, visionary, big-picture oriented gaze. Example: Peter Gadiot, INFJ Diplomatic Performer (3)

Tegan and Sara are both INFJs and musicians. Here you see the common INFJ Philosopher Counsellor gaze. Notice the towering, introverted head position, and the unfocused, detached eyes, as well as the slightly pulled out chin, signalling understanding. This posture is notable in Sp types in the Enneagram.

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INFJ-5 Aaron Swartz making the classic INFJ Million Dollar Smile.

INFJ Zach Braff seems uncomfortable when using Thinking & Perceiving, but has the classic detached, searching, philosophical eyes associated with introverted intuition, with somewhat less focus from this angle. (INFJ-9)