INFJ Poem | Ideas start out in blur, but soon, they turn to thunder | Erik Thor

Running through these thoughts,
I get lost in mental mazes
Losing track of time
Sometimes it's all just a haze
But darkness is my home domain
It's not to fear, there is no pain
The unknown lies here yonder,
Yeah, to know how to wander
You must first know how to stumble
If you want to learn to talk
You must first learn how to mumble
Yeah, ideas start out in blur
But soon, they turn to thunder
I have a mind that can pierce
And bloom
I have a heart blessed of wonder
Stars come to me
Knowledge sets me free
I'm grateful
For the ideas that chose me
To be the ambassador
For the future


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2 comments on “INFJ Poem | Ideas start out in blur, but soon, they turn to thunder | Erik Thor”

Erik Thor

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