INFJ Self-destructiveness | 5 Self Destructive Patterns in INFJs

INFJ Self-destructiveness | The INFJ Personality Type is a master of many things, sadly, one of them is self-destructive and INFJ passive-aggressiveness But why and what are the common self-destructive tendencies of the INFJ personality type? Discover that and more in today's article!

INFJ Self-destructiveness, INFJ Passive Aggressiveness

I have identified five key self-destructive patterns in the INFJ Personality Type:

  • The tendency to isolate from other people in times of hardship
  • Refusing to show kindness and generosity towards yourself
  • Making yourself into a martyr
  • Refusing to express negative emotion or be vulnerable
  • Hiding or changing your personality to fit others needs

Ultimately, all of these patterns can lead to problems in life, in connecting with and having relationships with others

So what can INFJ do to (...)

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One comment on “INFJ Self-destructiveness | 5 Self Destructive Patterns in INFJs”

  1. i mean youre so obviously convergent fe its not even funny DX You MIGHT be Ne Fe idk. Or maybe even Fe Ne?

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