INFJ Subtypes


Have you ever felt different than other INFJs? I have found that there are many INFJ subtypes. So what are the INFJ subtypes and how can we understand the different INFJ variations?

INFJ Subtypes

INFJs can be grouped into four different subtypes or flow styles depending on personal preference and development within their personality type. This subtype can be understood by looking at your strongest or most easily noticed qualities

INFJ-Ni “The Visionary”

Introverted iNtuition here produces the character of someone who believes and commits fully to one singular, all-encompassing vision. Your quest is your purpose and you dedicate most of your life to realising this vision.

Your personal health and well-being may suffer as you push yourself to your limits. At times, your vision may be your obsession, sometimes to an unhealthy degree. But it may also lead you to great success and accomplishments.

INFJ-Ti “The Philosopher”

Introverted Thinking here produces a careful, reflective character. You spend much time lost in your own thoughts. You need to rationalise everything that you experience, including your more eccentric thoughts and ideas.

Your systems are important to you, and you often have strong academic interests. You need to get validation for your ideas and want to change the world with your thoughts. You sometimes lack confidence in yourself and could benefit from trusting your intuition more.

INFJ-Fe “The Charmer”

You love to talk about your vision or passion project. Attracting people and getting the community interested is something important to you. You want everyone to be involved in what you do. You share and talk about your latest discoveries while researching your ideas.

You talk confidently about your ideas like they are going to change the entire world. You are highly passionate about what you do, but sometimes, you talk too fast and rush head first into a project. Your ideas do not always work in practice, and sometimes, you may be too eager to get validation for what you do.

INFJ-Se “The Mediator”

You are structured and careful. Your goal is to prove your ideas and to test them in the real world. You see your intuition as something that has to be grounded in reality. You are serious and concentrated on your projects. You want to translate your ideas to the world in a way that can be understood by others.

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