INFJ Subtypes & INFJ Cognitive Functions

I’ve tried all manners of systems to describe subtypes. At some point it got way more complicated than I wanted it to be, and at some point, it started to be about something else entirely. So now I believe it’s time for a fresh take.

The INFJ Subtypes

What I have found is that all INFJs share the same values. But the subtypes show INFJs deeper inner conflicts between intuition and feeling, introversion and judging.

INFJ Subtypes, INFJ Philosopher, INFJ VIsionary, INFJ Counsellor, INFJ Diplomat
A subtype is like a hierarchy rating what is most and least important to you. This does not mean other things are not important, but in some situations we are asked to pick or prioritise what is most important to us.

The INFJ Philosopher – Introverted iNtuitives

Lookalikes: The INFJ, INTJ, and INFP personality types
Primary emotions: Fear and joy

“The goal is to understand the world.”

When introverted iNtuition is put first the INFJ is prepared to put the search for truth and the mysteries of the universe above any question of what is fair, right, or wrong. This is a detached and distanced INFJ that sometimes fails to see the moral consequences or responsibilities of having insight and awareness. In practical terms, this INFJ values their privacy and intellectual distance above the community. The inner conflict here is between your big need for peace and time to yourself, and your need to be understood by others. The more you go into introverted intuition, the more strange you can feel, and the more difficult it can be to express yourself diplomatically. 

This INFJ subtype is focused on true seeing, gaining knowledge about abstract matters. They feel afraid, because they do not understand or do not understand the world or what is happening around them. Or they feel joy, because they have understood the absurdity of this place and figured out its hidden secrets.

The INFJ Counselor – Introverted Feelers

Lookalikes: The INFP, ISFP, INFJ, and ISFJ personality types
Primary emotion: Peace and Anger

“The goal is to make peace with the world.”

This INFJ subtype pursues rather than existential awareness a more personal wisdom. Focusing on introspection, they seek to learn who they are, what their purpose is, and what it means to be happy or to be a good person. Often drawn to religious or spiritual practices, they are focused on finding the right path.

Typically, this INFJ will set their need for wisdom above any foolish dreams or intellectual projects they could pursue. There is a big inner conflict between the dreams you have and wish to pursue and the more spiritual concerns you have for your happiness. Should I make peace with the world and who I am and with my home, or should I seek more? 

They feel angry, because they do not know or understand the evil or dark aspects of humanity, or they feel peace, because they have gained wisdom and understanding of the dark and difficult questions of this world. 

The INFJ Diplomat – Feeling Judgers

Lookalikes: The ESFJ, ISFJ, INFJ and ENFJ personality types
Primary emotion: Pride and Shame

“The goal is justice”

Gifted communicators and highly ethical individuals. These INFJ subtypes have a desire to make the world a better place and to shape the world according to their ideals. Their primary focus is on “what kind of a person I want to be” and so, the INFJ focuses on developing a strong code of conduct and moral rules.

Generally, this subtype will put their need for justice above privacy, alone-time and a chance to think or reason about the world intellectually. There can be a big struggle between your need for time to yourself and your need to help others. You feel so strongly that you can make the world better or you feel it is so important to take responsibility you can’t protect your energy or boundaries and have little time to your hobbies. 

Acting under a sense of moral obligation, they feel it is their duty to be the voice of the people and of those they care about. Their primary focus is “what is justice and what can I say or do to help the tribe?” They feel shame, because they feel they are not able to represent their believes or get their voice heard, or they feel proud, because they know they have made the world or life better somehow. 

The INFJ Visionary – Intuitive Judgers

Lookalikes: The INTJ, ENTJ, INFJ and ENFJ personality types
Primary emotion: Anxiety & Satisfaction

“The journey is the goal” to this type. The iNtuitive Judging INFJ is carried by strong vision and a need to go somewhere in life. They feel they have a purpose or somewhere they are meant to be and live life as if carried forward by an invisible wind. They see what the world could be or what could come to pass and are primarily focused on exploring this possibility. Most commonly, this type will put their curiosity for an idea or exploration above spiritual practices or personal attachments, friends, relationships, and such. There can be a struggle with feeling tied down by relationships and your dreams. 

They are anxious – when they intuit that they are getting nowhere or heading the wrong way, or satisfied, because they know they are on the right path and because they feel that they are making progress. 

So what subtype are you and what does this mean to you?