INFJ Subtypes & INFJ Cognitive Functions

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INFJ Cognitive Functions

The INFJ has four dominant cognitive functions, introverted intuition, introverted feeling, iNtuitive Judging and Feeling Judging. These are mental processes that reflect important needs in the INFJ: To realise a vision, to understand the world existentially, to have perspective and empathy, and to show kindness and good judgement. But when you favour one of these INFJ cognitive functions, you fall into one of the below INFJ Subtypes. 

The INFJ Subtypes

There are four INFJ subtypes that you want to research and think about. INFJ Observers, INFJ Deciders, INFJ Reviewers and INFJ Actors. The INFJ observers are known for their introverted iNtuition, while the INFJ Deciders are known for their feeling judging. The INFJ Actor has strong intuitive Judging, and the INFJ Reviewer has strong introverted feeling. These are differences in specialization and subtypes. You are literally specializing yourself and using different INFJ cognitive functions. 

The INFJ Actor

The driver, iNtuitive Judging, gives you a strong sense of vision or where you need to go. You will find yourself carried by this vision, always pushing forward, always trying to get closer to your dreams and imaginations. But you may find yourself becoming detached from your feelings and who you are. You may lose yourself on your journey.

The INFJ-enTJ subtype will often struggle to act in accordance with their ethics. The inclination is to cheat or take shortcuts. You may lose perspective or feel disconnected from your empathy. You may not consider other people´s feelings. You may appear creatively absorbed with your own goals and dreams. 

The INFJ is a naturally caring and empathetic type, and the INFJ is a typically sensitive type, but the INFJ-enTJ subtype uses extroverted thinking to shut down this empathy and to force themselves on staying practical and realistic, focusing on pragmatic pursuits.

The INFJ Reviewer

Typically, you will find this INFJ to be highly empathetic and to have a really strong introspective tendency. They are always reflecting on who they are, what they are feeling, or what other people are feeling. 

The INFJ-IsFp feels deeply, yet does not always know what to do or what is right and wrong. They may fear speaking out or taking action because there is a fear of losing yourself and making a mistake. The sensitive nature dominates here, and you may feel that you have to suppress your personal visions or intellectual projects.

The INFJ Decider

This is typically an unusually communicative INFJ. They are usually very passionate and have strong values. It is hard for them to stay silent when they see that other people need them and their help. They are inclined to want to interfere and help when possible. 


We will often see the INFJ-esFJ subtype pushing themselves to overwhelm. Their introverted iNtuition is shut down and they do not get enough time to themselves, so they become rattled by everything going on. 

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The INFJ Observer

The introverted iNtuitive is a philosopher archetype. Existential and contemplative, they are always trying to explain and understand the world. They are often locked in thought, reflecting on abstract questions of life. 

We will typically see the INFJ Observer subtype as uncommunicative. They do not share with other people and avoid influencing or intervening in the lives of other people. There is a fear of speaking before you know the full story. You do not want to risk saying something stupid.