INFJ Subtypes

Have you ever felt different than other INFJs? I have found that there are many INFJ subtypes. So what are the INFJ subtypes and how can we understand the different INFJ variations?

INFJ Subtypes

INFJs can be grouped into four different subtypes or flow styles depending on personal preference and development within their personality type. This subtype can be understood by looking at your strongest or most easily noticed qualities

The Introvert

The INFJ style of introversion can best be described as eccentric. INFJs tend to have different or unusual ideas and views and can act in a way that is best described as odd or eccentric. You

The iNtuitive

Highly intelligent, this type can be considered infinitely curious. Always trying to understand life’s many mysteries. This type throws themselves into various perplexing theories and concepts, seeking to formulate and expand their awareness of the world.

The Feeler

If you’re a Feeling subtype, your primary concern is on what is ethical and what is right. Focusing on your self-awareness and time spent in introspection, you try to live in congruity with your ethics and your moral compass, living and acting in the way you feel other people should act. You want to heal yourself and the people around you and spread a positive atmosphere.

The Judger

Always focused on a big cause or social quest, your primary concern is to change and support humanity in some way. Thinking about the tribe around you, your primary focus is what you can do for others. Often, you’ve got big plans and visions for humanity as a whole.

The Hero Code

Finding flow in your personality type