INFJ - The Most Misunderstood Type

The INFJ Personality type has been destroyed by the online culture surrounding it With a majority of people all identifying with the rarest type, there are now countless articles and videos about the INFJ personality type, all arguing different things about what it means to be an INFJ INFJs have been granted superhuman abilities in the world of the MBTI

There is now a mist of mystery shrouding the INFJ If INFJs really are everything at the same time, then we are nothing, at the same time INFJs miss out on the chance to really understand themselves, as articles grabbing at them with clickbait titles, and descriptions written in the forer effect, take away from any real introspection and chance to learn about and discover yourself We can't get our story straight on what INFJs are, so suddenly, INFJs are everything, all at (...)

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5 comments on “INFJ - The Most Misunderstood Type”

  1. Erik!! All this is spot on. Thank you for compiling these thoughts and advocating for a deeper look, understanding, and acceptance of self regardless of type.

Erik Thor

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