INFJ | The Unyielding Curiosity or Obsessiveness Explained

In this article, you are going to learn about why INFJs and INTJs can become absolutely obsessed with their creative work Why INFJs spend so many hours working for free on impractical ideas Why INFJs and INTJs are able to focus so easily on their creative projects and why they never seem to stop using their Introverted iNtuition

First of all, any type can use Introverted iNtuition, but no type can use it to the extent an INFJ or INTJ does Introverted iNtuition is our engine, our captain of the ship, our fire, our purpose, and our end destination

Secondly, while any type can use Introverted iNtuition, most types can stop using it, but we can't We are always using it It's always on, and if it's not on, we're not on We're not ourselves without it

When you get stuck in the Ni-Ti loop, practice not only Fe, but Fe + gratitude. It gets you out instantly

  • This site is as gorgeous as your vids

    I love all your inspiration. This passion shows exactly why youre great. your videos on infp I find are so compassionate and calming, I follow your advice (although getting one of us to follow advice is difficult lol) and you are so understanding with the eternal fi si loop and I loved having someone like you with encouraging word.

    U are a treasure

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