INFJ “The Idealist”

Discover the INFJ Personality Type

The average INFJ has strong iNtuition and lower than average assertiveness.

INFJs are personality types that always have their eyes set on their future. They visualise and dream in high detail and find confidence in using their intellect and theories to solve problems they face. INFJs are pleasers who do their best to connect with and reach and make the people around them happy, but often feel stressed by the fact that they cannot please everyone.

As an INFJ, you can find yourself withdrawing inside. It can feel safer to take a rational approach to life, and investigating and reflecting on life can take priority over living it. Often, the INFJ personality types can be highly stressed by the world around them. INFJs take life highly seriously, and can struggle to let go and enjoy the moment. They want to be aware of everything that happens to them. They can become overwhelmed because they try so hard to give everyone the attention and support they need. They can spread themselves thin trying to be aware of life and what happens around them.

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You work hard to improve on and better yourself in order to realise your ideas and values in the world around you. INFJs believe that they can help friends, family members and the community at large through coming up with ideas and theories that give perspective and understanding. You can often become overwhelmed by the real world and everything that is happening around you.

Ideal relationships

  • ENFPs
  • ENTPs
  • INFJs

Ideal careers

  • Counselling
  • Academia
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Service

INFJ Cognitive Functions

The average INFJ has stron
INFJ Cognitive Functions

INFJ Introverted iNtuition Flow Function

INFJs find incredible confidence in theories and ideas. To them, ideas are not just possibilities, but something real and meaningful. They feel positive when they can understand life and answer mysteries around them. They are inquisitive and curious and seek to explain the world by reflecting on it and figuring it out. This can sometimes lend to an overconfidence. You can be overly optimistic about the future and predict things to happen faster than they will. Be careful that this doesn’t lead to disappointment in the end.

INFJ Extroverted Feeling Inspirational Function

INFJs can be highly influenced by the feelings of other people. They are extremely passionate in their efforts to please and make the people around them happy. They want to help and support other people any way they can and almost consider helping other people to be their sacred mission in life. However, INFJs can feel unconfident in themselves and their ability to support other people. They can worry that they are not enough and that they won’t be able to help the people around them. This can put a lot of pressure on the INFJ personality type.

INFJ Introverted Thinking Control Function

If stress becomes too much to an INFJ, they may begin to detach from people and their feelings. In order to relax and calm down, they may separate themselves from their own feelings and values and look at a situation more critically. They may seek to approach life analytically in order to gain back some feeling of control or security. You want to understand how things work and can almost obsessively study technology, politics, psychology or science. Often, it makes you feel more relaxed to know what is going on and understanding how things work.

INFJ Extroverted Sensing Stress Function

INFJs can feel truly overwhelmed by the world around them. You can feel swarmed by tasks to do and stressed or nervous in busy, sprawling environments. You often prefer to stay detached and to avoid dealing with the real world. Often, you approach the world intellectually or think of ways to avoid going out or doing things for real. You can sometimes hide from the world and relationships if they start to feel too much to handle.

INFJ Subtypes

INFJs can be grouped into four different subtypes or flow styles depending on personal preference and development within their personality type. This subtype can be understood by looking at your strongest or most easily noticed qualities

The Introvert

The INFJ style of introversion can best be described as eccentric. INFJs tend to have different or unusual ideas and views and can act in a way that is best described as odd or eccentric. You

The iNtuitive

Highly intelligent, this type can be considered infinitely curious. Always trying to understand life’s many mysteries. This type throws themselves into various perplexing theories and concepts, seeking to formulate and expand their awareness of the world.

The Feeler

If you’re a Feeling subtype, your primary concern is on what is ethical and what is right. Focusing on your self-awareness and time spent in introspection, you try to live in congruity with your ethics and your moral compass, living and acting in the way you feel other people should act. You want to heal yourself and the people around you and spread a positive atmosphere.

The Judger

Always focused on a big cause or social quest, your primary concern is to change and support humanity in some way. Thinking about the tribe around you, your primary focus is what you can do for others. Often, you’ve got big plans and visions for humanity as a whole.

INFJ Mental States

You switch between these four states depending on your current mood or mindset. If you feel more negative or more anxious, you drop into one of the lower mindsets, and if you feel more positive or inspired, you move up to one of the higher mindsets.

INFJ Introverted iNtuition Hero

You feel confident and inspired, working with high focus on an idea or theory that you hope to share with the world. You hope that your ideas will lead to discoveries and a revolution in your personal life, helping you improve your life in tangible ways.

INFJ Extroverted Feeling Savior

You are throwing yourself into helping people around you with things they need, sometimes at the expense of your own projects. You are trying to regain motivation and energy and to prove your own worth by being able to do something good for the world around you.

INFJ Introverted Thinking Victim

INFJs can get stuck in a state of excessive self-criticism. They can feel there is so much wrong with them that they will never be able to fix or recover from. These feelings can cause them to detach from relationships or work or school. They can drop out or give up because they feel so stuck on everything that is wrong.

INFJ Extroverted Sensing Demon

You can feel overwhelmed and upset with your present-day situation. You can feel that there is too much on your plate and that you are unable to deal with and process everything that is going on around you. You can be prone to disappearing from other people or from work or school as you try to regain balance and recover.

The INFJ Dark Side

While INFJs have many talents, they also have many problems and common pitfalls. What is the INFJ dark side?

INFJs can become obsessively preoccupied by crazy ideas or insane or impossible theories or visions. They can become blinded by pride, believing they know what is best for other people. They may retreat into martyrhood, making themselves into the victims of their own good intentions, while passively blaming other people for their unhealthy behaviour and self-sacrifice. They can become silent and uncommunicative when overwhelmed.

Because of their sensitive nature, they can retreat into themselves and avoid conflicts or relationships whenever things get difficult. When overwhelmed, they can run to solitude and avoid social engagements, even at the expense of their own health and well being. Because of their judging nature they may become unresponsive to outside feedback, forgetting to listen to others around them.

The INFJ Good Side

On a more light note, INFJs tend to be known to have a positive and relaxing effect on the people around them. They make other people feel understood and seen. They help illuminate and explain difficult mysteries of the real world.

They provide spiritual guidance and enlightenment to people who feel lost. They are supportive and kind and will generally put other people before themselves. When healthy, they set a positive example for other people, showing ethical consideration, insight, and sharing unique ideas. Often, the INFJ personality type is known for their originality and for always knowing “another way” than the normal one.

Famous INFJs

Below is a list of famous INFJs from my celebrity library. Did you know INFJs are one of the most rare types I’ve come across both in popular culture and in real life?

Jonathan Safran Foer
Robert Pattinson
Nicholas Hoult
Soman Chainani
Joseph Gordon Levitt
Benedict Cumberbatch
Charlie McDonnell
Jane Goodall
Elizabeth Olsen
Ian McKellen

I can’t believe this video has almost been viewed 100,000 times.

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