INFP Personality Type – The Dreamer (INFP A & INFP T)

The Introverted, intuitive, feeling perceiving type


The Dreamers

Discover the INFP A (In flow) and INFP T (Under stress) and master the INFP Cognitive functions

INFP Personality Traits

IntroversionThe ProtectorYou are cautious and focused on protecting yourself and other people. You are loyal and safe.
iNtuitionThe SeerYou have rich new ideas and fascinating insight. People see you as wise. You have sometimes strange ideas and unusual thoughts.
FeelingThe HelperYou are generous and good-intentioned. You seek to have a positive impact on the world and to live ethically. 
PerceivingThe MediatorYou are rebellious and free-spirited. You challenge established laws and norms in the world. You march to the beat of your own drum. 
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The Dreamer personality types are predominantly Counsellors (Introverted Feeling) types who see it as their mission to become good people who can have a unique influence on the world. Your ethics are your most important guiding framework. Certainly, you seek to be honest and to show integrity in your actions. Being true to yourself is key.

INFP Frequently asked questions

The INFP cognitive functions are Introverted Feeling, Extroverted iNtuition, Introverted Sensing and Extroverted Thinking.

Dreamers are first and foremost known for their shyness, introversion, and their accomodating, peace-loving personalities. Secondarily, we know them for openness, imaginativity, rich perspectives and creativity. 

Discover The INFP A and INFP T

The Dreamer in Flow (INFP A)

Firstly, Dreamers are harmonious and peaceful personality types. In a state of flow, you tend to employ a naturally counselling style. You are drawn to ask questions and to understand more about the people around you.

As a Dreamer, you are drawn to alone-time and privacy. You find that these situations help you process and understand a situation better. You enjoy exploring new ideas, however, you find it overwhelming to leave the comfort of your own home. Spending time in your own head daydreaming is a way for you to recharge.

Secondly, Dreamers are people that tend to enjoy ad respond very well to creativity and change. You feel at your best if you can keep trying new things. You like to be challenged to think outside the box and need freedom to speak your mind honestly.

Lastly, Dreamers are very sensitive types. You can find conflicts and criticism to be very demanding on your nervous system. After a busy day, it can be important for you to take a break to relax your senses.

The INFP Under Stress (INFP T)

The Dreamers have the potential to put people at ease. You give people a judgement free space. You promote openness and bring peace and understanding. However, you can be very peace-loving. You may respond badly to conflict and disharmony. Outer judgement can appear harsh. You want freedom to be yourself. You may struggle if you feel that people are pushing you in a certain direction.

Goals can feel like unnecessary pressure to you. You also do not like to be tied down to set timelines and commitments. You prefer to have freedom to change your mind. Perhaps the biggest stressor is manifested by Extroverted Sensing. Being out in public or performing for a group or presenting a project for school can be very stressful for you.

Dreamers don't want to work for money – but want to do something they are passionate about and something that feeds their curiosity. When motivating a Dreamer, focus on encouraging creativity and free thinking. Speak to the Dreamers primary values and try to connect with them. Build a personal relationship where you both do something because of your connection to the same cause. 

As a Dreamer, it is important to stay in check with your inner voice. Take time to listen to and hear yourself. Trust in who you are and accept your feelings. Avoid getting caught up in a negative monologue or criticising yourself too much.

Give yourself the same respect that you give other people around you. Recognise the role of positive emotions and success. On good days, when you are in good spirits, you will perform better. On bad days, when emotions get you down, you will struggle with basic tasks. 

In relationships, Dreamers are peaceful and tolerant. You accept others and show openness in conversations. This makes it easy for people to talk to you about anything. You invite deep conversations and take a counselling role in relationships.

People may even describe you as their personal therapist. Be careful to stay honest and real in relationships and to discuss conflict points openly. Don't run when a situation turns more hostile and try to stay brave and open during conflicts. 

Dreamers live curious lives as explorers and researchers. You take the role of an analyst and craftsman. That means living a life of in-depth study. You like figuring things out and spend much time reflecting on life's many mysteries.

To the outer world, Dreamers can appear scattered. You may have many hobbies throughout your life and you will find it hard to commit to any single one. You are a person off many interests and passions

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