INFP Subtypes

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INFP Cognitive Functions

  • Introverted iNtuition, associated with theoretical prowess and our ability to explain life.
  • iNtuitive Perceiving, connected to our ability to see options and to vary ourselves, to multitask and adapt a new idea in a situation
  • Feeling Perceiving, generally associated with honesty and ethics and personal considerations and nuanced behaviour and judgement
  • Introverted Feeling, usually connected to our ability to understand ourselves and how we feel and to take on or see something from another persons perspective or viewpoint. 

INFP Subtypes

INFPs can be divided into four basic subtypes. Artists, philosophers, catalysts and reporters. 

INFP Artist

Introverted Feeling fills this type with images and visual representations of things they could do or draw, giving them empathy and introspective talent. There is an idea that you have to make things that the community or people will like. This cuts off some of the authenticity of your expression.

The INFP artist feels often bound by tradition and how their past has been, to the extent that it cuts off their ideas and theories and their view of the future. The INFP artist can feel stuck and locked in by convention and by life: they can not change their future or make their dreams happen.

INFP Philosopher

Introverted iNtuition in the lead gives this INFP perspective and existential awareness, helping them understanding their surroundings and matters of life. The INFP Philosopher is often set to prove and to understand the visions and intellectual aspirations of others.

The INFP Philosopher wants to understand and know if someones idea is going to work and where it will lead. They want to think rationally and understand it better. They want to push themselves and test and master something. 

INFP Catalyst

iNtuitive Perceiving gives this type the gift of change and the ability to turn a situation around. The INFP Catalyst is focused with realising the opportunities and possibilities other people see, seeing themselves as a sort of wishgranter, someone who can help adjust or put an opportunity to practice. 

INFP Reporter

Feeling perceiving gives this type strength of ethics and individual character, as well as the ability to speak truthfully and candidly on things. But Extroverted Feeling makes this type overly concerned with whether other people are being truthful.

There is a desire to want to know the full story of other people and to really see them as they are, to not be fooled by what they tell you, and to see their behaviour for what it is. And the INFP Reporter wants to make sure they really know people, and how they really are, so they study people and keep themselves busy. Practical projects are considered smarter than your ideas and INFP reporters will often tell themselves their ideas are stupid. 

INFP Development

You are looking to essentially balance your top four functions with each others, ensuring that your search for the truth does not come at the expense of honesty, or that your search for change does not come at the expense of your ability to have empathy with others.