The INFP Subtypes And Your Inner Conflicts

Should you settle for a peaceful life and focus on finding harmony? Or should you rebel and go against the stream and question the problems in society? Should you speak up for yourself and the values that you hold most dear as an INFP, or should you practice wisdom and get perspective and focus on the bigger picture? 

The INFP Subtypes & Your Inner conflicts

There are four INFP subtypes that come from the fact that INFPs have four core values that they hold to be of equal importance. Introverted iNtuition (Ni) Introverted Feeling (Fi) Feeling Perceiving (Fp) and iNtuitive Perceiving (Np) All these provide the INFP with a state of flow or a positive emotion. 

They all signify important things that an INFP needs to be happy. But in certain situations, you may be forced to prioritise one above the other. It may not always be possible to maintain inner peace and harmony (Fi) and sometimes you may need to rebel and challenge society and make a difference, even if it is scary. (Np) 

INFP Cognitive Functions In FLow

Introverted Feeling provides self-awareness and a feeling of inner peace and harmony. It shows you how you ideally want life to be and teaches you to have balance and to follow a certain path, the path of least resistance. Introverted iNtuition gives perspective and insight into things that could be. It represents dreams and ideas you wish to explore closer and think about more. iNtuitive Perceiving represents potential and options and alternatives that lay before you.

The joy of multitasking and brainstorming and being a catalyst or agent of change. Feeling Perceiving, finally, represents the feeling of pride you have in yourself and what you love and appreciate the most about yourself. It represents your personal honesty and what you want to say in a situation, how you dress, and what kind of person you are. You have four cognitive functions, not just one, and two are introverted in their nature, and the other two are perceiving and adaptable in their nature. This makes you an Editor (Introverted Perceiving) type. 

The INFP Muse 

INFPs are at their best, fiercely individualistic, with strong values and morality. They are the truth-tellers who dare to speak up for their own values and feelings and to correct wrongs in our society. (Fp) but they are also thoughtful and full of perspective. They can see the bigger pictures and realise they are not alone in the world and that there are many truths but their own. (Ni) 

When somebody challenges your individuality or judges you on your personality or values, would you stop to think about why and what they meant? Or would you stand up for yourself and speak out for what you believe? 

The INFP Rebel Subtype

So the INFP subtypes reflect four types of INFPs that have made their own answers on how to live and what needs must be put before the other. The rebel (Np) has learnt to accept tension, conflict, and disharmony for the sake of variation and change.

Question for the INFP-Rebel: Would you ever try something new even if it felt a little outside your current identity or your values? (-Fp) Just to see how it felt? Would you make a change even if you didn’t quite understand the consequences of this decision yet? (-Ni)

The INFP Utopian Subtype

The Utopian has learnt to mediate and balance the universe and restore peace and harmony in the world, creating their own place to recharge, a place that they feel is a reflection of their innermost sacred values (Fi)

This is a balanced and fair INFP. They seem very at peace with their life and lot in life, but at times can appear a little innocent to deeper problems and issues with the world. They may hold back the impulse to change or question things around them because they get very comfortable.

The INFP Sage Subtype

Other INFPs live in a world of dreams and theories. Everything is an abstract and philosophical question that needs answering. The INFP Sage (Ni) subtype prioritises finding answer and truth before they move or speak out carelessly. This INFP can struggle with isolation and with living a life of dreams but not action. There may be a lot happening inside, but others may not see the INFPs deeper wishes and values. 

How INFPs Find Balance and True Flow

The Sage strives towards satisfaction, because they have found the right answers to life and they have realised the dreams they have thought about. The Muse strives towards pride in who you are and loving yourself just the way you are. The Rebel towards joy for having new experiences and having made a difference.

And the Utopian strives towards peace because you have reached harmony and accepted your situation in life. The INFP subtypes like the rebel may struggle with anger and an inability to accept things as they are. The INFP subtype such as the muse may struggle with constant dissatisfaction, because they never feel accepted anywhere or like they have a place for themselves. The INFP Utopian may feel constantly restless, because they feel so bored with their life. And the INFP Sage may feel like a failure, because they have never been able to make something of themselves. 

You can see the INFPs subtypes as life paths, different ways to the same destination, flow as in, being able to resolve these inner conflicts and finding a way to have both peace and variation in your life. Pride in who you are, and acceptance and understanding of other people. Flow is when we have managed to find balance between all, the other parts are just a ride. Which subtype are you? And what is your path in life?