INFP – The Self Questioning Type

A mind full of questions? Check. A tendency to take on other’s emotions as your own? Check. A desire to speak and find the truth? Check, check, check. Meet the INFP personality type, who regards truth and insight as a matter of personal perspective.

The Dreaming Individualists

The INFP Flow Type

The INFP Flow Type has this inner, deep reaching individuality. On the surface, they may not appear much, but inside, they have a strong sense of self and a strong orientation to truth. INFPs dedicate their life towards this inner pursuit of self-exploration and self-expression. This focus on the self is a reflection of their introverted nature, this focus on expression and honesty, is a sign of their perceiving nature.

This sense of self is often very multi-sided, and the INFP sees and identifies many sides within themselves. They see themselves as complex individuals with many layers. Their orientation to truth makes them focused on speaking, in every situation, with their own voice, expressing their feelings and putting their feelings into practice in life and relationships.

INFPs have a deep desire for harmony, which means, they see themselves and life as a balance of sensitive, careful forces. INFPs are the healers which maintain this balance. They absorb and feel deeply connected to the universe and the feelings of others and take the role of soothers and counsellors and doctors.

Now, something important to remember about INFPs is, they are full of questions. They want to understand you and the world from a distance rather than experience it directly for themselves. They act only to correct a wrong or to restore harmony when it has been broken, and only mean to speak the truth, not to tell anyone what to do.

INFP Personality Traits



Core values

Primary needs



The Philosopher, The Healer, The Individualist, The Catalyst, The Advisor, The Dreamer

Wisdom, Harmony, Honesty, Change

Opportunity, Connection, Kindness, Future

Moderation, Accuracy, Invention, Adaptation

Experience, Strength, Power, Discipline

The INFP Under Stress

To understand the INFP dark side, you have to understand something important about the INFP. The INFP Flow Type hates and struggles deeply with control and fear of control. There is a lack of discipline to this type, as well as an inability to take control or give orders or command others.

Beyond that, there is a lack of strength and a feeling of weakness and passivity to this type. Their need for harmony can keep them from action, as action can upset their carefully developed harmony. Their need for wisdom can keep them from going out to gain experience, as they perceive action without insight as reckless.

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