INFP – The Dreamer Personality Type Explained

Are you an INFP “Dreamer”? I wrote today’s article to help people find out about the INFP personality type. I want to show that INFPs are naturally introspective, authentic, and ethical people. Dreamers make some of the best counsellors and naturally put people around them at ease.

Meet the INFP ‘Dreamer’ Personality type

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The INFP personality types are predominantly Counsellors (Introverted Feeling) types who see it as their mission to become good people who can have a unique influence on the world. Your ethics are your most important guiding framework. Certainly, you seek to be honest and to show integrity in your actions. Being true to yourself is key.

The ‘Dreamer’s intelligences

You aspire to bring forward positive change in the world through Extroverted iNtuition – the Explorer function. INFPs love novelty and new ideas. You are always learning about new theories and researching different projects, although you often get lost in the details of these projects.

INFPs have a strong Teacher archetype (Introverted Sensing) and tend to be highly diligent and good studies. They work patiently through the details and like to do things in a specific order or according to a specific method.

Because of your inferior Doer archetype (Extroverted Thinking) you tend to struggle with laziness and apathy in terms of work. Challenges and obstacles can overwhelm you. You may sometimes procrastinate on work and projects.

The Dreamer in Flow

Firstly, Dreamers are harmonious and peaceful personality types. In a state of flow, you tend to employ a naturally counselling style. You are drawn to ask questions and to understand more about the people around you.

As a Dreamer, you are drawn to alone-time and privacy. You find that these situations help you process and understand a situation better. You enjoy exploring new ideas, however, you find it overwhelming to leave the comfort of your own home. Spending time in your own head daydreaming is a way for you to recharge.

Secondly, Dreamers are people that tend to enjoy ad respond very well to creativity and change. You feel at your best if you can keep trying new things. You like to be challenged to think outside the box and need freedom to speak your mind honestly.

Lastly, Dreamers are very sensitive types. You can find conflicts and criticism to be very demanding on your nervous system. After a busy day, it can be important for you to take a break to relax your senses.

The INFP Under Stress

The INFP has the potential to put people at ease. You give people a judgement free space. You promote openness and bring peace and understanding. However, you can be very peace-loving. You may respond badly to conflict and disharmony. Outer judgement can appear harsh. You want freedom to be yourself. You may struggle if you feel that people are pushing you in a certain direction.

Goals can feel like unnecessary pressure to you. You also do not like to be tied down to set timelines and commitments. You prefer to have freedom to change your mind. Perhaps the biggest stressor is manifested by Extroverted Sensing. Being out in public or performing for a group or presenting a project for school can be very stressful for you.

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Are you a Dreamer?

Leave a comment and share your story with others. How do you experience life as an INFP personality type?

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Susan C Harter
7 months ago

I have now taken 5 separate tests and get infp. Though i also seem to border isfp by 1 % on humanmetrics. Truity puts my top 3 closest matches as intp, isfp, and infp. I guess it is coming down to how much stress i am under when i take the tests. I also stop to ask what is the question actually asking? Now to find my ennegram. Thank you so much for this.

Stephanie Henckel
Stephanie Henckel
7 months ago

Thanks, Erik. You really are my favorite MBTI resource. Your passion and insight is apparent, and I really appreciate all you do.