INFP – The Utopian Archetype

Nickname: The Utopian
Dominant Flow Function: Introverted Feeling Inspirational Function: Extroverted iNtuition
Ideal partners: ENFJ, ENTJ, INFP, INFJ, INTJ

Discover the INFP Personality Type

  • INFPs want to save the world and set a positive example by living in accordance with the right set of ethics
  • You believe most of life’s issues can be resolved if you can find the right beliefs and values to live by.
  • You are so set on doing what is right that you can become passive and start to avoid action.
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INFP Relationships

  • ENFJs tend to drive personal growth
  • ENTJ tend to drive personal improvement
  • INFPs tend to help you understand yourself better

INFP Careers

  • Counselling can help you improve your emotional intelligence
  • Academia can help you challenge your mind
  • Journalism can help you learn about the world at large
  • The creative sector can help you realise your ideas in the world

What are the INFP Cognitive Functions?

INFP Cognitive Functions

INFP Introverted Feeling Flow Function

INFPs take great pride in who they are and find confidence and strength in developing their own inner world and identity. To them, their own values are of primary importance. Confident INFPs are naturally assertive about their beliefs and their identity and put themselves out the world with joy and pride.

INFP Extroverted Intuition Inspirational Function

INFPs are always chasing after and searching for opportunities in life. They want to be given a chance to prove themselves to the world and to be picked to do a task. They enjoy the idea of being pursued and want for other people to see their hidden potential. You are highly energised, but also stressed by change. You seek and dream of it but do not know if you can take the leap.

INFP Introverted Sensing Control Function

When stress over changes become too much to bear, INFPs will seek solace in stability and routine. To INFPs, it is important to slow down and count the balls you have in the air. You can find yourself sitting down and patiently sowing or engaging in some craft or practical task with your hands.

INFP Extroverted Thinking Victim

INFPs are highly conscientious and have a strong work ethic. At the same time, they find work and practical demands to be incredibly stressful. Often, INFPs are very serious about expectations from school and work and want to do the best to meet these criterias, yet they do not always know how to live up to these demands.

Meet the INFP Subtypes

The Introvert

Seeking balance and solitude, you are a compass with a strong sense of self and personal foundation. Introverts are often highly knowledgeable and appear very sure of themselves. They are often regarded as a compass and a source of wisdom and feedback, and people often come to you looking for answers.

The iNtuitive

Highly intelligent, this type can be considered infinitely curious. Always trying to understand life’s many mysteries. This type throws themselves into various perplexing theories and concepts, constantly trying new angles and studying different perspectives to a theory.

The Feeler

If you’re a Feeling subtype, your primary concern is on what is ethical and what is right. Focusing on your self-awareness and time spent in introspection, you try to live in congruity with your ethics and your moral compass, focusing on being true to yourself and speaking your truth to the world.

The Perceiver

Constantly open to change and to new things, you are diverse, a person of many qualities and ideas. The INFP Perceiver is rebellious and individualistic, someone who goes against the flow, rather than becomes a part of it. Ideas, ideas, ideas, and ideas with personality.

The INFP Emotional Life

The Introverted Feeling INFP Hero

The INFP Hero is focused on being their best version of themselves, seeking to live and be true to their ethics and their beliefs. You believe that you can set a good example for the world and that you can improve your situation through trusting your inner moral compass. You may feel stress over external obligations, but still choose to try to do your best with what you have. Introverted Feeling INFPs have hope and belief in yourself and that you are right.

The Extroverted iNtuition INFP Savior

When Extroverted iNtuition is strong, you put your faith in new ideas and new perspectives, hoping to learn something that will improve your situation or change your life. You are always reading or learning something new and exploring new ideas. You can get lost in the intuitive process. INFPs in Extroverted iNtuition are full of questions and so it is hard for you to set your mind to anything. INFP Saviors feel full of energy but slightly scattered and lost at the same time.

The Introverted Sensing INFP Victim

You feel stuck in the same old routine. INFPs in Introverted Sensing can feel that they are not making any progress in their life and that it is always the same old, every day. You feel that you do lack the energy to start up new projects or try new things. INFPs can feel disillusioned or bitter, assuming that it will be pointless to try anything new. So you may go through a stage of purging or getting rid of things that you feel are hold you back.

The Extroverted Thinking INFP Demon

You feel overwhelmed by external demands and responsibilities. Perhaps there is a conflict that is causing you to want to withdraw or run away from a difficult situation. You feel that people expect too much from you or that people are pushing around or bullying you. This can cause you to blow up at other people as you seek to protect yourself.

Famous INFPs

Below, you can find a list of famous INFPs and their two strongest cognitive functions. You can find many more INFPs in the vast celebrity library.

Luna Lovegood
Duncan Laurence
Chris Evans
Agatha Christie
Johnny Depp
Ellen Degeneres
Elaine Aron
Eddie Redmayne
J.K Rowling
Kurt Cobain
Paulo Coelho
John Lennon
Rory Gilmore
Phoebe Buffay

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  1. I have now taken 5 separate tests and get infp. Though i also seem to border isfp by 1 % on humanmetrics. Truity puts my top 3 closest matches as intp, isfp, and infp. I guess it is coming down to how much stress i am under when i take the tests. I also stop to ask what is the question actually asking? Now to find my ennegram. Thank you so much for this.

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