INFP – The Utopian Archetype


The INFP Personality Type

The Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling Perceiving Type

The Utopian

Seeking to live ethically and responsibly, but not always knowing what it means to be truly ethical or good.

The INFP is a seeking type who tries to create a harmonious and peaceful world for themselves and those they love and care about.

Introduction to the INFP personality type

The INFP Personality Type prefers lives life from the back where they won’t be easily seen or noticed. Fiercely idealistic, they seek to create the life of their dreams. Careful to act in accordance with their personal ethics and beliefs, they value individuality and honesty as well as wisdom and foresight.

The INFP Cognitive Functions

The Healer

The Individualist

Cognitive function description

INFP Subtypes

INFJs can be grouped into four different subtypes or flow styles depending on personal preference and development within their personality type. This subtype can be understood by looking at your strongest or most easily noticed qualities

[ppp_patron_only level=”2″]The Introvert: Seeking balance and solitude, you are a compass with a strong sense of self and personal foundation. Introverts are often highly knowledgeable and appear very sure of themselves. They are often regarded as a compass and a source of wisdom and feedback, and people often come to you looking for answers.
The iNtuitive: Highly intelligent, this type can be considered infinitely curious. Always trying to understand life’s many mysteries. This type throws themselves into various perplexing theories and concepts, constantly trying new angles and studying different perspectives to a theory.
The Feeler: If you’re a Feeling subtype, your primary concern is on what is ethical and what is right. Focusing on your self-awareness and time spent in introspection, you try to live in congruity with your ethics and your moral compass, focusing on being true to yourself and speaking your truth to the world.
The Perceiver: Constantly open to change and to new things, you are diverse, a person of many qualities and ideas. The INFP Perceiver is rebellious and individualistic, someone who goes against the flow, rather than becomes a part of it. Ideas, ideas, ideas, and ideas with personality.[/ppp_patron_only]

INFP Mental States

Depending on if you are healthy or unhealthy or depending on your current emotional state, you may switch between the following states:

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The INFP hero

The INFP Hero believes in themselves and will express themselves with confidence. They will speak out about their ethics and what they believe is right. INFPs will commit fully to something. They will show belief and unwavering hope. They will take time to themselves and go deep inside to find out truth about the universe and who they are. And they will share this insight with others, hoping it will help or guide people in the right direction. They will be fiercely creative, putting their ideas out there and believing their advice could be of value to others. The dominant function will remind them of who they are and what they are capable of when they are true to themselves.

The INFP Adult

The INFP Adult will steel themselves to show focus and to not get distracted. They will push themselves to do the right thing for the people around them. This INFP will give of themselves even if they fear they are being used. They will connect with other people, even if they feel different or like outsiders at times. You will see them trying new things, even if it’s scary and they don’t know where it will take them. The auxiliary function will encourage them to keep going, even if its uncomfortable or difficult at times.

The INFP Child

The INFP Child will run away from social committments and avoid the tribe. They will avoid conflict and hold their tongue around others for fear of being judged. They will choose their words and actions carefully and put on a tough exterior. You may cling to past beliefs and nostalgia to avoid seeing the truth of a situation. Or you might pretend not to hear your inner voice when it tells you you are on the wrong path. The tertiary cognitive functions may spur you to run away or avoid facing a difficult situation.

The INFP Anima/Animus

The INFP in disintegration will face feelings of being overwhelmed, swamped, and controlled. They will feel they are not in charge of their own decisions or their own future. You might worry that you don’t have any value to society or that you have become a slave to the system. You may feel the decision has already been made and there’s nothing you can do to change things. The inferior functions may take you in its cold grip, holding you back from being yourself.


The INFP Dark Side

To understand the INFP dark side, you have to understand something important about the INFP. The INFP Flow Type hates and struggles deeply with control and fear of control. There is a lack of discipline to this type, as well as an inability to take control or give orders or command others.

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The INFP can also hold on to delusions of grandeur. They can feel that they are more special than others, or that they are uniquely intelligent. They can feel that other people are mindless drones, and that they are the only ones that actually think for themselves. This can cause them to feel disconnected from others.

Beyond that, there is a lack of strength and a feeling of weakness and passivity to this type. Their need for harmony can keep them from action, as action can upset their carefully developed harmony. Their need for wisdom can keep them from going out to gain experience, as they perceive action without insight as reckless.

The INFP Good Side

The INFP personality type is generally good natured. They make the people around them feel understood and heard. They stand up for the small people. You will find that they speak out for what they believe and they have a strong ethical compass. They inspire optimism and encourage us to work towards a better future. INFPs show us that change is possible, and they always have a new insight or a new thought on the tip of their tongue.

What we see in INFPs is a strong sense of idealism and individuality – the INFP teaches us the value of being true to oneself. To committing fully to something and giving your all at a task. INFPs show authenticity in what they do – no matter what it is – they give their all and they believe fully in something.

INFPs are open minded and diverse, and can hold multiple thoughts in their head at the same time. They are creative and can think of new ways to solve a problem.


Famous INFPs

Below, you can find a list of famous INFPs and their two strongest cognitive functions. You can find many more INFPs in the vast celebrity library.

Luna LovegoodINFPNiFi
Duncan LaurenceINFPFpFi
Chris EvansINFPNiFi
Agatha ChristieINFPNiNp
Johnny DeppINFPNiFi
Ellen DegeneresINFPFpFi
Elaine AronINFPNiNp
Eddie RedmayneINFPNiFi
J.K RowlingINFPNiNp
Kurt CobainINFPFpFi
Paulo CoelhoINFPNiFi
John LennonINFPNiFi
Rory GilmoreINFPNiFi
Phoebe BuffayINFPNiFi
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