INTJ Subtypes

INTJ Cognitive Functions

  • Introverted iNtuition associated with philosophical thought and our ability to reflect on and theorise about things.
  • iNtuitive Judging generally connected to intellectual projects and long term idea processing and decision making. 
  • Introverted Thinking usually associated with rational or critical thought. 
  • Thinking Judging is generally connected to our ability to work hard at something and to plan and execute a project well. 


INTJ Subtypes

The Philosopher, The Visionary, The Architect, and The Scientist. Four different subtypes that have all specialised into one of the above cognitive functions at the expense of the other three. Which one INTJ are you? 


INTJ Philosopher

Introverted iNtuition acts as the driver here, but there is no focus behind it nor execution, and the INTJ-philosopher is mainly preoccupied with making sense of strange things around them.

The INTJ wants to mainly make sense of their emotions and to explain why they feel and act the way they do. They want to be able to explain or rationalise their feelings but do not want to get perspective about it. Feeling Perceiving is the grounding force here, making the INTJ-philosopher focused on understanding the truth about other people. The INTJ-Philosopher wants to know how people “really are.”.

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INTJ Architect

The INTJ Architect has a strong sense of strategy and a strong idea of where they need to go or what rules they need to consider. But extroverted thinking makes them needlessly pragmatic.

The INTJ-Architect wants to understand how reality really works on a pragmatic level, even if it goes against what the INTJ ideally thinks is logical. Sensing Judging makes this INTJ less intellectually inclined and more focused with realising their ideas on a more practical and straightforward level. Extroverted sensing finally is a forced thing INTJs can put on, a defeatist idea about “how life works”.

INTJ Visionary

The INTJ visionary is mainly focused on their intellectual project, at the expense of what they think is logical or rationally sound. There is a loss of perspective and an anger here.

A tendency to get emotional when things do not go your way and to use passion where you would ideally want to use wit. Extroverted iNtuition makes this INTJ typically inclined with realising opportunities and bringing possibilities into other peoples lives. If other people want something, the INTJ wants to do whatever necessary to give it to them. 

Feeling Judging is a steer here, the INTJ vision has to be in line with what the people expect, and has to be liked by the people. There is a fear of having your ideas mocked by the community. This stretches all the way into extroverted feeling. 

INTJ Scientist

INTJ scientists have a strongly rational and logical side. There is a desire to explain the world and to make sure you act and behave in a rational and smart manner.

There is a fear that your intellectual projects are unrealistic and that you have to focus on what is smart at the moment. You are constantly distracted from sensing perceiving here, there is always something to do, and you can never devote yourself enough to your ideas. 

Thinking Perceiving helps you stay tactical in this. Keep looking at what is trendy or what people think is smart or valuable right now, even if it goes against your long term goal or project. Look at what has been successful in the past, not what your introverted intuition thinks is theoretically worth testing out. 

INTJ Development

Look for balance so that your intellectual projects do not interfere with your mental or rational concerns. Do not let your need for planning and doing things in the right way at the right time get in the way of time to think and to reflect on your situation. Make sure you get right perspective, right mindset, right vision, and right strategy, and you will be an unstoppable INTJ.