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This website will be locked until tuesday. You can enjoy full access by becoming a Patron. Help me hit my relationship compatibility goal and we will start a free database with relationships insight for all personality types! Enjoy this quick excerpt! Learn more about INTPs How does the average INTP score on the Big Five/OCEAN? INTP Big Five scores at How does the INTP Big Five compare to the average person? INTPs are less outgoing, score higher on openness, are less agreeable, less conscientious, and more neurotic than the average person. Are INTPs Reserved or shy? No, most INTPs are either reserved or at least shy in social settings. Do INTPs have high openness? Yes, most INTPs score above average on openness. Are INTPs agreeable? No, INTPs do not score high on agreeableness. Are INTPs conscientious? INTPs have a...
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