Introverted iNtuition (Existential Intelligence)

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The Introverted iNtuitive flow type struggles because they do not know how to function properly in the real world of experiences and nature. Because of this, they often retreat inside, to a world of dreams, abstractions, and theories. Because of this they are naturally very aware and wise types that possess a lot of knowledge about things despite their lack of real experience with these matters. Introverted iNtuition is primarily focused on the unknown and on trying to explain the things we can’t see or touch or hear with just our five senses.

Nickname: The Philosopher, The Sage, The Thinker
Found in flow types: INFP, INFJ, INTP, INTJ
Cognitive function: Introverted iNtuition
Existential Intelligence
Key terms: Private, Original, Theoretical, Conceptual, Perspecting, Mental Models, Synthesis, Wise, Insightful, Questioning, Calm, Serene, Pensive

The Philosopher Type

If you would describe the introverted iNtuitive you might say “They always make me feel understood” or maybe “Its like they know what I am thinking even if I haven’t said it!” Others may more negatively say “They seem distanced and they seem to often disappear and sometimes it feels like they’re not really listening to anything I say.” This type, sometimes associated with ghosting and inattentiveness, is a dreamer at heart. They primarily seek wisdom and more than anything else they need novelty. New ideas, new information, fresh perspectives.

Sometimes struggling to leave their front door, these types can easily become isolated, appearing more eccentric and strange. They are more shaped by the ideas and theories they study than by the experiences people make while they are out making friends or attending events. Still, they enjoy thinking about new places, new experiences, and about new things. The more new something feels, the more it pulls on their intuition. They can be highly interested in the world outside of novelty and change, even though their natural inclination is to sit back and think about it, rather than experience it head on.

The tendency towards escapism is strongest when the world outside becomes simply too overwhelming. Intensity, loud sensations, and uncomfortable environments can cause this type to pull back even further. They grow up struggling with this aspect of themselves, knowing there are things they have to confront and deal with. Because it is too difficult to go out and experience it directly, they can sometimes choose the easy route and deal with it back-stage. They may be more pulled to simple, clean, and more quiet environments and places because they provide a greater recharge and less intensity.

Developing Introverted iNtuition & Existential Intelligence

Introverted iNtuition. The wisdom seeking type. All types seek to overcome anxiety and to find satisfaction and comfort, and introverted iNtuitives believe comfort is found in having a strong and secure philosophical foundation. By asking yourself deep questions about the world and life, you hope to find answers that will help you tackle life.

If you can find satisfactory answers to your questions, you feel more set and adept with dealing with life. The answers you find can help you manage uncomfortable situations and get through problems that we all struggle with, such as death, conflict, hardship, and the many things we all experience in life.

You develop introverted iNtuition then by asking yourself the right questions, and finding the right answers, accurate insight and complete concepts that can act as a basic map or awareness. The more you know about things, the better you can deal with them. The less you know about things, the more uncomfortable and painful they can be.

Introverted iNtuitive subtypes

When Introverted iNtuition is your dominant function, it is one of your key concerns of life. You’re always thinking about life rather than experiencing it first hand. You can be inattentive and withdrawn from the world. You dream of travel and of new experiences but you often don’t really dare to take the leap and to truly experience it yourself. You find yourself often feeling ignorant of the real world and what is really the truth of things. What are the facts and what do you really know for sure? And how do you really know anything for sure.

When Introverted iNtuition is your auxiliary function, you’re constantly afraid of asking yourself certain questions. You don’t know the answer yet you want it and wish you had it. You often feel uncertain of what to really believe and how to think about various matters. There are so many perspectives, what is the right way to look at a situation?

Introverted iNtuitive Health Levels

Level one: At first, introverted iNtuition is just a gut instinct we can’t explain. There is no concept or theory behind it. 
Level two: Then we start to create a concept for it, but we do not yet know how to describe this concept or what it actually means or connects to
Level three: At this point, we start to understand how to use this concept to make decisions and observations about things.
Level four: At this point, we start to understand the rules of introverted iNtuition, and how it works, and how it does not work. 
Level five: When we reach this stage, we may have a strong theoretical and conceptual background, and we are now ready to start putting these theories to practice to solve problems in our life. 
Level six: At this stage, we start feeling like our ideas and theories have become more understood and that other people get us. 
Level seven: With this, we become better at seeing the perspectives and understanding the theories of other.
Level eight: Here, we start to see the whole and how everyone and everything is connected on a theoretical level.
Level nine: At this level, we feel truly deep knowing of ourselves, and others, and of the world and the whole. 

With every stage, we have new struggles and issues, but on the whole, every stage means a higher level of consciousness, a stronger sense of flow, and deeper seeing. Where is your introverted iNtuition at now and what are you currently working on in yourself?