Introverted iNtuition (Existential Intelligence)

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The Philosophers

You have Introverted iNtuition as a dominant flow function if you are good at visualising or imagining inside your own head a concept or model or theory for something. You can maintain this image easily and can focus on this image for a longer time. As an Introverted iNtuitive type, you hold this image to be more accurate.

Introverted iNtuition is best described as Existential Intelligence as it provides valuable lessons on philosophical questions. It uses art, visual means, and theories to explore life and to answer different issues we face as humans. It deals with the abstract rather than the practical. Introverted iNtuition is metaphorical rather than literal. Those who are strong in Introverted iNtuition can be described as Philosophers.

More accurate, and more real than whatever information you can spot in your physical surroundings. You use this image to make decisions and to plan out your day and future. Different types experience Introverted iNtuition differently. That means they use Introverted iNtuition differently and that they talk about it differently. To an ESTP, Introverted iNtuition is a source of worry or doubt. To an INFJ, it is a source of meaning and flow.

Introverted iNtuition as a Flow Function

INFJs, INTJs, INTPs and INFPs have Introverted iNtuition as a flow function. That means they enjoy conceptualisation and take a theoretical or imaginative approach to life. It also means that they are often stressed by physical chaos and things that happen around them. Many INXXs will say they are easily overwhelmed or rattled by physically stimulating environments.

You find Extroverted Sensing to be one of your primary sources of stress in life. Flow Introverted iNtuition may be described as inattentive by other people. You may develop a coping mechanism in which you detach or dissociate from your surroundings in order to avoid stress. This may become a bad habit in which you avoid important environmental struggles until they become too troubling to avoid any further. But this is sometimes natural. You may just get lost inside your own thoughts and forget about your surroundings.

Chaotic, busy or crowded situations can wreak havoc on these types and cause immense and real stress. INXXs recharge by instead turning their attention inwards and ignoring outside stimulation. They may retreat from noise and clutter into a place where they can be alone and have peace of mind. When pushed or overwhelmed, they may detach from friends and family members to collect their thoughts and recharge.

Introverted iNtuition as a Dominant Function

INFJs, INTJs, ENTPs and ENFPs have iNtuition as their dominant priority in life. This means they generally identify with and have an ego attachment to their own iNtuition. They identify with their own ideas and imagination and see their thoughts and mental self as a reflection of their true self. They will prioritise their own ideas and imagination above anything else.

You generally rate your own iNtuition to be a superpower. Intuitive dominants think themselves to be better at this function than anyone else. You believe you can use this function as your best method to improve your situation. Whatever problem you face, you believe you can solve through this function. At times, your focus on this function may lead to a feeling of inadequacy when it comes to sensing. You may feel that you are worse at Sensing than other people or that you are somehow unfit when it comes to practical matters in life. You feel that you cannot fit in or deal with practical matters like other people can. This can lead to trying harder to develop this function than other people.

Typically, you are future oriented and creative and rely on your intellect and wits to get by. You can lack follow through and discipline and can struggle to follow rules and social norms. You may be an outsider in your community. Intuitive dominant types are often rebels or black sheep, people who are regarded as eccentric or quirky.

Introverted iNtuition as a dominant flow function

While INXPs and ENXPS and ENXJs may all to an extent recognise themselves as using Introverted iNtuition, INXJs are the types that most demonstrate Introverted iNtuition in their day to day life.

INFJ Introverted iNtuition

As an INFJ, my iNtuitive landscape is more coloured by Feeling than it is in the INTJ. I theorise and I speculate on the future just as much as an INTJ, but my iNtuitive landscape is attached to symmetry and harmony. I am normally more positive and my predictions more optimistic than they are to an INTJ. My ideas and creative process is coloured by a search for my identity and who I am. INFJs use Introverted iNtuition to understand people and their thought processes. We are more likely to attach ourselves to pure fantasies or to hold on to an idea that we know is unrealistic or impossible.

I attach more of my emotions into my thought process. I want my ideas to be helpful to my tribe or community. Personally, I try to use my iNtuition to counsel other people and to give advice and help. It is more important for me how I communicate my ideas. I want other people to agree with and understand my theories.

INTJ Introverted iNtuition

As an INTJ, you will feel that your iNtuition orients itself towards accuracy and verifiability. You are more interested in proving your ideas and testing your assumptions. You use critical thinking to investigate your own concepts. INTJs will often want their theories to follow straight lines and curves. As an INTJ, you are more pessimistic or conservative in your analysis of world affairs and your own future. You often see your opinions as alternatives to existing ideas and beliefs. INTJs can hold an anger or frustration at mainstream ideas and community practices.

You focus on what you can improve or develop more clearly in your ideas. You may look at what you can develop or improve in yourself or in your society. INTJs think about whether an idea is practical or has value to their society. It is more important that you can turn your ideas into a project or build a career around your ideas. You want to be able to use your imagination in a way that is constructive.

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